1978 Chrysler Newport 6.6L 400c.i. (Lean Burn) from North America


Simple, Comfortable, Powerful Perfection.


Front-end wore out. (control arm bushings)

Power steering box started leaking badly.

Steel brake lines rusted and developed leaks. (that could’ve been dangerous)

Oil leaked onto the spark plugs causing them to wear prematurely.

Blower motor quit working.

General Comments:

This was by far the most comfortable car I ever owned. The crushed velvet seats were so comfortable they made me want to drive it all day long. The heat was incredible even when the blower motor went on the blink, it felt like being wrapped in a blanket. Even though it never got the best gas mileage I would drive it around for no reason at all just because it was such an experience.

Chrysler really got their styling right in the late 70's, using tons of chrome and smooth yet distinctive body lines to give the Newport a character all it's own.

One of the best features of the car was that it came with a mish-mash of options that made it simple and economical, but at the same time luxurious. It had manual crank windows, manual seats and manual mirrors, but it still came with a tilt/telescopic steering wheel, air conditioning (which actually worked), cruise control, power trunk release, a digital “chronometer”, and an ashtray and lighter for every occupant. It also had a full gauge cluster including (in addition to the speedometer) engine temperature, volt meter, oil pressure and of course the fuel gauge.

The fact that it was a four-door hardtop (no pillar between the windows and all four windows roll ALL THE WAY DOWN) was great not only for getting in and out of the car dukes of hazzard style, but it also made the rear-view mirror shake with only the factory 6x9's and a $20 tape deck.

Obviously another bonus was the cavernous interior. I once fit, no joke, 17 people in the car (including the trunk) and drove around the parking lot of my high school. It was actually my teacher's idea. Even with that many people in the car it still had plenty of power and nobody in my class would ever complain that they never got a ride in my Newport.

In terms of actual performance it handled very well, stopped impressively for such a huge beast, and accelerated with the best of them. The steering was silky smooth and never required the effort of more than one hand, let alone one finger.

The best part as I've already mentioned was the incredibly comfortable ride. The suspension was so supple on this car that I once blew my tire on the highway and would not have noticed if it hadn't been for the sound of the tire actually popping.

I have many good memories of my Newport, but sadly it was written off when a drunk driver made a premature left turn and smashed up my fun-mobile.

If you have one of these cars I envy you as I've been searching for another one ever since. If you're reading this review because you're considering purchasing a Chrysler Newport then I hope I've convinced to you to take the plunge and buy it. This car was not only comfortable and reliable, but driving it was an experience all its own.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2005

6th Oct 2005, 21:29

Sounds like a nice car. I always liked the lines on those cars. I especially like the late 70's Chrysler New Yorker with the hidden headlights and grille. Nice design and that interior looks very comfortable. I own a Chevy Caprice myself.

27th Nov 2005, 22:32

You've got yourself a really nice car, I'm a big fan of the luxury cruisers of the 60's/70's and I like the idea that your friends from school really liked your car, last spring I saw a brown mid 70's Chrysler Newport on sale for $800 and it appeared to be in decent condition, it didn't have a lot of rust or any physical body damage, it had a 360 V8 engine, power windows, A/C, I still wish that American can make cars this good today.