1979 Chrysler Newport Base model - Police package E58 360 4-barrel with dual exhaust from North America


Not perfect, but good stuff :)


The Carter Thermoquad carburetor was no fun. Good carb for the emissions/performance/economy late-seventies EPA-mandated compromise. Very inconsistent performance. One day you would powerbrake it, and it would stumble and ping, and the next day, it would smoke both back tires (thank you limited slip, 3:21 ratio rear end).

The oil pumps on Chrysler Small Blocks (AKA A-Blocks) are problematic. Ours checked out at 76,000 miles. It suddenly started making uncharacteristic tapping noises (thankfully) at a stoplight - we pulled over and shut it off immediately. The engine lived :)

The windows were frameless, and rolled up and down sloppily. Bad idea for such a pedestrian car.

The good news was that the rest of the rest of the car was rock solid.

General Comments:

Ex-Philadelphia Police car.

Ex-detective car (less "curb-jumping" than patrol cars). Bought at a city auction.

The accommodations and comfort were first rate. Firm-but-comfortable chair-height seats with excellent head and legroom. Seats were supportive-but-comfortable. Air conditioner was also first rate. Prolonged idling was with the A/C on was no problem thanks to the heavy-duty cooling system that was part of the police.

The acceleration was great - especially given the indifferent aerodynamics of the vehicle. And the sound of the intake was second to none - the infamous HOOOOOOT (with the air cleaner cut away).

Steering was numb, but adequately fast.

The handling was excellent :) Minimal understeer, but the tail was well behaved. You could pretend you were an excellent driver without wrecking the car. All this on gas station-grade tires (!!!).

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Review Date: 27th November, 2016

24th Nov 2020, 01:56

These cars were great, I haven't seen an Newport in years. The last time I saw one was ("regular version") in white; still was in good shape, not sure what year, either '79 or '80 I think. The styling kind reminded me of the 1980-85 Buick LeSabre. Chrysler's were used as interceptors back in the day; when I saw the review that you bought it as a cop car, I thought of the sitcom T.J. Hooker.

1979 Chrysler Newport 5.2 (318)V8 from North America


This car is the Perfect car for cruise nights


Power window switch, (took me 6 months to find one)


Alternator is a little weak.

Other than that it's a fine automobile.

General Comments:

This is Definitely the Best car I've ever owned. It's a trouble free car and this car may not do a burnout, but it takes off like a bat out of hell. the 904 Transmission shifts well and the engine runs great with the 2 barrel on it. The body is very good on it for a 1979 and the car turns heads. I affectionately call this all original car the pimp mobile.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2006