2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser 2.4 liter from North America


In 35 years of car ownership, this is my all time favorite!!


Severe engine miss at about 45000 miles, but that was cured with new spark plugs.

We had received incorrect maintenance information from the dealer (there was no book when we bought the car).

General Comments:

People always ask how I like my car and I truthfully answer that I love it.

I am short and sometimes have difficulty reaching thd pedals comfortably. The PT is very comfortable to drive.

There are time while driving on a really bright day that I find the instrument panel difficult to read. It would help if it was better lit.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2005

2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser Standard 4 cylinder from North America


Great car for a woman


There have been two recalls on this model. The dealerships are accommodating, but it was a pain to take it in twice.

General Comments:

This is my first brand new car I have ever owned and I love it. My favorite thing about it are the four cup holders located in the center of the car. There aren't many small cars that have that many cup holders any more.

The car handles very easy in all types of weather, even in eight inches of snow. The PT has a lot of space, especially the back seat. My six foot two boyfriend can sit comfortably in both the front and back seats. The important parts of the engine are conveniently painted in yellow for easy find.

This model doesn't have a trunk button to pop open the back door while seated in the car. In order to open the trunk while in the car, you must take the key out of the ignition and get out and unlock the trunk door with the key.

This model also doesn't have power locks. It gets a bit annoying after leaning over the seats and manually unlocking the doors.

With or without a trunk popper or power locks, this car is fun and easy to take car of. As a young woman, I recommend it to all women!

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Review Date: 17th February, 2005

17th Sep 2005, 21:29

Great car for a woman??? Does this mean it would not be good for a man? The review never explains that statement.

11th Mar 2008, 16:48

Naw, guys drive em too. They're not nearly as girly as oh say the VW beetle or the non-srt Dodge Neons.

6th Aug 2010, 05:57

Well said. I have a 2007 black PT Cruiser turbo and it's a manly rig. I surely wouldn't be caught dead in a VW bug!

2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser Limited Edition 4 cylinder from North America


The PT Limited is where the future meets the past, and its very exciting.


There has been absolutely nothing to go wrong with this car. Nothing broke and nothing wore out. But its time for new tires. I only wish the car had a larger fuel tank to increase its range.

General Comments:

The PT Limited Edition has the comfort style and strength of a 60's classic. This car has a very distinctive and clean appearance. The body of this car is artwork. The curves and folds of the metalwork are elegant. The interior is masterfully designed with plenty of head room and leg room. The large leather front seats are more like captain chairs. They are very comfortable and retain their original luster. The vital controls seem ergonomically correct. The cruise control is simple to use. I also like the window controls located high on the dash. All of the passenger seats fold down allowing for tremendous storage capacity. As for performance, at highway speeds the car comes to life. It is very stable. The acceleration above 55 Mph is excellent. The strength of the car inspires confidence in heavy traffic conditions. Passing is a breeze, and it is also surprisingly quiet. The ABS braking stops the car on a dime. The gas mileage is superior. The future of this product line is sure to be exciting. I can't wait to see the styling evolution in the years to come. And I'm glad I have my 2002!

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Review Date: 10th December, 2004

14th Dec 2005, 12:48

Used PT C's are relatively few in densely populated Cleveland, Ohio, let alone the boonies of Applachia. In consideraing buying a used 2000 model, Ltd.,$13,000.00 seems a bit high for a 3-4 year-old, pug ugly vehicle with only an average of 21 mpg. But there is an abundance of the American public wealthy and foolish enough, to put form above function and in making a statement in keeping with their pony tails.

Louis Slewter, New Athens, Ohio.