15th Jun 2008, 22:48

This car is heavy for its size. I use mine as a commuter car and took out the incredibly heavy 2 piece folding back seats. Together they weighed as much as a big beer bellied passenger. I think I am getting better gas mileage now.

9th Feb 2009, 22:18

When I bought my 2007 PT convertible, it was used. The seats had a reddish stain on them and the dealer had them cleaned and the stains came back. I have had them cleaned 3 other times and the stains just keep coming back as soon as the material dries. Has anyone else had this problem and if so how did you get the seats cleaned?

Thank you, Nan.

7th Apr 2009, 09:51

Many 'rent-a-car' companies rig their rentals to not exceed a certain power load, thus keeping anyone from 'racing'. In mountainous regions, more power is required while the beaches in California may be a bit too tempting. Please, stop comparing 'rent-a-cars' to actual 'owners'. Renters tend to be less-than-careful and there were probably over a hundred other previous drivers, each with their own driving style. Depending on the age and mileage, your car could simply have been 'wore out'.

Happy hunting!

2nd Jul 2009, 01:30

I purchased a 2006 pt cruiser touring edition in August of 2006. The car has given me great service. (his name is Petey). I can't keep my seats clean. They stain so easily. If anyone has a remedy for keeping them clean, let me know.

11th Aug 2010, 20:54

Use Woolite Oxyclean Spray to clean seats. I heard it works. I am buying my first PT in a week. Good luck.

7th May 2016, 22:55

Yes, with customizing work, I have seen these get the HEMI V8 shoved in them besides the V6, but yes I am talking about customized cars, would love to have one customized, but I can only imagine what it costs to do.