1995 Chrysler Sebring Convertible JXi V6 from North America


Still a nice ride


Passenger window rolled up too high.

Trunk struts had to be replaced within two days.

Horn quit working.

Replaced catalytic converter within one week.

Replaced stereo.

Water leaked into compartment floor.

Blew two new speakers and a $250 amp due to water.

General Comments:

When I first purchased this car, it seemed great.

Until we got home, the first thing I noticed was the rear trunk struts would not hold the trunk up. I contacted the dealer and he said it was normal since it had a spoiler on it.???

Two days after purchase, the check engine light came on and I noticed that the passenger power window would not roll all the way down. At first I thought it was a child safety window until I noticed it rolled all the way up. Shutting the door would cause an inch and a half gap at the top of the door.

I took the car back to the dealer, and they fixed the window. It had the roller recently replaced and it had been put on backwards.

They reset the check engine light and called it good, but three days later the light came back on and I was told it was probably the catalytic converter. I spoke with the dealership and they replaced the unit with a new one.

No problems until the first major rain in Oregon; I had not driven the car for a couple of days. I got into the car and noticed several inches of rain in the passenger side floor of the car. I have been hearing sloshing around the back of the car but was unsure if that could be from the gas tank.

Apparently not; I checked the convertible top and there are zero leaks around the windows or any seams.

I think it might be from plugged body drain holes but am unsure. Does anyone know what the solution to this, other than selling the car, would be?

Thank you!

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Review Date: 6th November, 2008