1999 Chrysler Sebring Convertible from North America


Great Car for the Money


I bought this car used in 2001 with about 15,000 miles on it. I still own it and really enjoy driving it. Overall, the reliability of the car has been really good, the car has about 116,000 miles on it. I do however have some issues with my car that others have mentioned. My right plug for the rear defroster fell off and the rear window is seperating from the cloth top. My headlights seem to have very short lives (however are only about $25.00 to replace), and the brakes wear out far to frequently (about every 20,000 miles) However, overall I love this car and will drive it until something really major goes wrong, which hopefully won't happen.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2007

1999 Chrysler Sebring Convertible JXI from North America


DON'T even step in one... it will probaly kill you


Where to begin...

Rain flooded the car thru leak in roof... destroying the Radio first week I bought it.

The brakes no matter how much you fix them will always be soft.

Front axle snapped in half... almost killing me 78,000.

New brakes twice.

Shocks and struts 3 times.

Transmission is on it way out since 90k miles.

The top gets very nasty and ripped apart in weather.

Leather seats are stained.

Check Engine light comes on every 5,000 because of emission problems.

General Comments:

This car is very attractive to drive... but very unreliable and expensive to fix. Powerful engine, but no pick up on highway... Smooth ride, but it will bankrupt you with repairs... they are horrible.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2007

5th Sep 2009, 09:35

I have a 1999 JXI and love it. Handles great, Runs perfect, looks beautiful. And if yours is bad it must be because of improper care> I believe that with every car. Leaky roof? not supposed to run through car washes or use pressure washers on them. Brakes? they always need changing after so many miles. Axle? how did the person before you drive it? I have always believed it is not the cars fault it is the owners for not treating the car right.

1999 Chrysler Sebring Convertible Limited 6 cylinder from North America


I am generally please with my purchase


The right rear defrost connector has come loose.

The car cut off on me and I had to replace a sensor which communicated to the engine. This took more than 2 days since they had to send to CA due the car having a CA emissions. Go figure I bought the car in Pennsylvania.

The car collects water during heavy rain which has resulted in water and mildew damage to the carpet.

I found that the trunk had water in it which has caused the middle of the trunk to sink.

The rear view mirror leaked and impaired my vision so it had to be replace. I purchased a used mirror since the one from the dealership cost around $400.00. The used mirror's dimmer worked just once and then quit.

I am told that the transmission is about to go as the car runs like it is on bad gas. It usually starts to jerk once I remove my foot from the gas pedal.

I had to replace both tirods on the front.

The trunk would not stay up so I had to replace the trunk props.

The door made a horrible popping sound so I had to replace both door straps at $104.00.

The convertible top stitching is coming loose I was told that the average top lasts about 5 years.

General Comments:

The car is pretty reliable despite the few mechanical issues I had and the fact that I may need a new transmission. It still has pretty good ecceleration for a car of this age. I do regular maintenance prevention on the vehicle such as oil changes, flushes, tune ups and such.

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2007

1999 Chrysler Sebring Convertible jx 2.5 Mitsubishi from North America


Sexy, hot, sleek and a wonderful car to drive!!


First off, I do love my 99 Sebring Convertible. Now, I have read many comments about how horrible they are. No so for all.

I have had mine almost 2 years. Bought with 110,000, miles. The car needed some muffler work and the rotors and pads were bad. Also, the rear driver's side window fell in. Also normal for power windows and a uni~body.No biggie. This is normal for a car with high miles.

I have had all of these replaced, simply because of what I call "preventative maintenance".

Fuel pump, belts, water pump, timing belt, plugs, wires, clip on shifter (recall),blower motor (needed),new set of Goodyear tires (and still perfect),front end alignment, and maybe a couple more items.

General Comments:

OK...This Baby handles beautifully. The air is cold, seats are comfy as well. I am not too fond of the body "twist" it can have on bumpy roads (normal for a uni-body). The earlier Sebring Convertibles had quite a few problems. This model (99), has the Mitsubishi 2.5 V~6 and will keep up with many V~8's! Very reliable, so far. Just recently, with the heavy rains in the Waco, Texas area, I have had leaks. Mainly because it's time for a top change! The back window is coming loose. The cost for top and change is about $900.00. Not bad! Especially what I have been reading!

All rag tops are going to leak. When they need replacing. When I had her re~painted, I had them drill extra drain holes in the quarter panels. With moisture getting in... it can mess with electrical parts. You cannot expect a car to run for eternity and never need work! They all do! I do wonder why they put the battery inside the fender...bizarre!

When you buy a car, used or not... you cannot expect it to run for eternity on regular gas (I use super) and occasional oil changes! Convertibles take more maintenance, and you must accept this before buying. You have to care for the car like it is part of the family. I have my oil changed every 3000 miles and my tires balaced/rotated every 3000 as well. You will wear out tires fast if you do not get the front end aligned, and make sure you balance/rotate every 3000! Listen to your car! I know almost immeadiately when something is wrong. You mis~treat it... it will break down constantly! Oh, and avoid those Dodge 2.7 engines... they lock up at about 50,000 miles! Bad design!

Hope this helps! Oh... and NEVER use Pennzoil!! Neva!Oh, and as far as the floormat thing goes, getting tangled, that is a noted defect with the JXi and is a recall. Mine also did that, and I am waiting for the recall on the JX Convertible now...

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Review Date: 21st July, 2007

20th Sep 2010, 23:12

Good info and very honest review.