22nd Sep 2011, 14:08

Okay - the starter has just been replaced and the problem persists - obviously there is a short somewhere - the problem is where? And where can I find a reliable shop that can trace the short without charging an arm and a leg?

We are located in MetroWest Massachusetts. - Thanks!

2nd Oct 2011, 16:36

Turns out that the "new" rebuilt starter was also bad. Thankfully an experienced mechanic picked up on this. I had a new OEM starter installed and have not blown another fuse. Hopefully smooth sailing from here on in.

Overall the Sebring has been a delight - I also replaced the noisy tires, so that we have new tires all around, and it runs and drives like a dream.

It certainly has a different feel to it than my Saab 9-3 did. It may not "feel" quite as well built or expensive, and some of the interior pieces might not have quite the same quality feel to them, however as I stated, I prefer the ride and quietness of the Sebring.

The gas MPG is fantastic - in the 30's on the highway - 20's overall. The factory Infinity stereo is far superior to the stereo in my Saab. Also in fairness to the Sebring, I purchased it when it was 10 years old and with 95,000 miles on it, so it's not quite fair to compare it to a Saab with only 36,000 miles on the odometer. In any case, I truly look forward to driving the Sebring - especially with the top down. :) Also the Sebring is much roomier than the Saab, and is equally as fun to drive around town and on the highway.

Until the snow flies, my Liberty will sit for the most part and the Sebring will get the bulk of the use.