28th Aug 2004, 14:44

Since I posted in Jan. 04 I have since learned how to use a hanger and clean out the drain plugs underneath the frame. Since I have done this (months ago) water has never collected as before. This was a good tip and thanks for the dealer part tip as well. I will try that. 8/28/04.

17th Nov 2004, 19:33

Damn Sebring! It is so unpredictable sometimes. It travels well on the highway, yet it keeps having trounbles with the heater resistors (the component under the glove box that the heater motor plugs into.) It has had two of them installed in a month's time! What gives? Also, I keep replacing the right front rotors on this car, they keep cracking, ironically, the car seems to always brake evenly, (not pulling to the left or right when applying brakes). Oh well, please tell me if I am overlooking something on this car! e-mail response to Retrotex71@yahoo.com.

20th Feb 2005, 13:32


Jxi now has 107k.

Knock on wood, still runs very strong. Have been "looking" for another car for over a year. I have looked at, RSX, TSX, G35, Maxima, G6 and Impalla SS, but never get beyond test drive. Why take on car payments again as long the JXi is doing well?

Fixed the driver side switch housing and replaced a broken air control knob. Replaced the trunk lift supports. Now have an annoying fuel gauge problem that has the needle gauge flipping up and down until the tank becomes less than half full. I fear an inside the fuel tank sensor problem.

Oil pressure indicator comes on if the tach. reads below 500. But it doesn't happen often when it does I turn on an accessory and that kicks the revs. up. Dealer had replaced the oil sending unit and that made no difference.

Last time I replaced the front pads (4 months ago) they have squealed off and on. Next time OEM pads.

Still shines up real good and the black paint and black top still look good, spring is just around the corner!!!

25th Jul 2006, 14:58

I also have a sebring.. and have the problem with the door switches coming loose.. I just used a little super glue and have never had the problem since.

29th Sep 2014, 02:36

My 1996 Sebring JX convertible has a strong mildew smell when the air conditioner is used. Any ideas?