9th Nov 2004, 20:18

I bought a 2000 Sebring Coupe JXi at a salvage auction with 76,000 miles on the clock. I have since put a hood, both front fenders, upper radiator support, fiberglass bumper, and plastic front cap and a strut (which was also damaged in the crash) on the vehicle. The only complaint on the car is the tar leaking from the passenger side door. But as far as replacing brakes... does one even call that a problem? They're brakes... they wear out. I guess I need to gripe about having to turn the rotors, too?? That stuff isn't made to last forever. Transmission prog'd to quit at 60,000...i think not. Door panels falling of AND struts going out, keep it off rough roads. seems kinda weird that both happen at the same time. Treat the vehicle with respect and care and it will last just as long as any other vehicle. Like I said, mine has been in a crash and it's a better vehicle than my 99 Chevy Blazer.

16th Apr 2005, 12:40

My door panel on my sebring fell off already and 75 percent of the time that I see the same car on the road, their door panels are different colors than their car so obviously their door panel fell off also.

25th Apr 2006, 22:26

I have a 2000 Sebring LXi, and can attest that most of the discussed things are problem areas on these cars. I haven't had a door panel fall off at all, so I suppose I'm lucky there. The brakes on these cars are well documented to be too small for this weight of vehicle (designed for the lighter avenger/eclipse) and do wear quickly. The stock 17" rims are junk, plain and simple. They rash easy, and even mild pot holes bend the rims. I have wheels from a 1996 Talon on my car, and they are much more durable. Chrysler's transaxles are notorious for being poorly built, I've had 3 mopars (2 Daytonas and this Sebring), and all have shown tranny issues. For the users posting that it's user abuse that is the issue on all these cars, while great treatment will help avoid these problems, the Sebring is prone to them, so be careful, and enjoy at least the fact that when it's running, the Sebring is one of the best looking, most comfortable cars on the road in it's price range.

13th Jul 2010, 18:41

I live in Alberta, Canada, experiencing all seasons full force.

I own a 1999 automatic Chrysler Sebring Convertible. I have multiple problems with it.

I stupidly bought it from a car lot, which I worked at the time, until I realized they were all sleazeballs to say the least, and I quit.

This car has 150,000 miles, and I bought it with just under 148,000.

Anyways, here's a current list of problems:

- Whining noise when turning or putting it in gear.

- Window on passenger side goes up in snail mode - motor struggles, same thing is starting to happen on the driver's side.

- Door panel on driver's side is falling off.

- Sounds like I have a flat tire, which I read was the struts?

- Doesn't idle properly, sounds like it's going to stall.

- Air conditioner doesn't work.

- Takes at least 20 minutes to get the car temperature gauge, to reach its normal running temperature, even in warm weather. Not sure if that's a problem, as I have only owned one other vehicle, which was brand new when I bought it, a 2007 Ford Focus, temperature gauge rose in 10 minutes at the very most, even in cold Canadian winters!

- Car filled up with water on the passenger side; literally a big puddle of water in my car right now, which I am trying to absorb with towels at the moment. It is pouring outside and I sadly don't have a garage, but I knew it would leak in the rain, but anyways here's the problem - I was driving to the store, stereo OFF, and the speakers went haywire, so loud I could have went deaf. I pulled over, parked, turned the car off and the screeching, screaming noise wouldn't stop! It was unbearable; I had to get out of the car. I'm thinking the speaker wires got wet??

- Car jerks when I am stopped at a light, then take off is when the steering wheel jerks; usually to the left.

- Brakes feel like they aren't grabbing at first, but they are brand NEW brakes, I have to push a lot more than I have ever had to with any vehicle I have driven; they do kick in good though, after a good amount of pressure.

- Not major, but the top doesn't go all the way down, I have to get out and push it down, which I do very lightly while I have someone push the top down button; it gets 'stuck' about 4-5 inches before it's all the way down.

- Kind of a wobbly feeling when driving, might have to do with the flat tire sound.

- Tires always losing pressure, I fill them every few days.

I'd sell it, only I paid 4800 for it, and it does have a year and a half warranty, but I am filing an assault charge against the owners of the dealership, so am waiting on a response from Alberta Human Rights before taking it in there. I may have to get someone else to take it in, which I would rather go myself so I could tear them a new you know what!

Any and all advice or tips is muchly appreciated.