2006 Chrysler Sebring Sedan Touring from North America


Not my first choice or my last


Alternator gave out, and took out a sensor and my battery. Still giving me electrical problems, which are very costly.

Purchased the car at DriveTime and paying double the value. Not a year into the vehicle, already have spent over $700 in repairs.

General Comments:

Very spacious car. Good speed to it. Handling is OK.

The car radio is absolutely an eye sore. It's basic and really does not serve much purpose.

The lighting inside the car is very minimal, therefore making it hard to see at night.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2011

2006 Chrysler Sebring Sedan Limited 2.7L V6 from North America


This car seriously sucks..


The car only starts about half of the time. This is especially annoying when you need it to start ALL of the time. Sometimes it happily starts up. Other times, it just decides to not do anything but sit there wondering why I am turning the key.

The air conditioning blows independently of what the controls say. I say defrost, it says face.

That's it.

General Comments:

I got this car for a steal because of Chrysler dealerships and junk going out of business. But, that was a mistake, and I should have taken the hint that Chrysler closing dealerships must mean something's wrong with Chrysler.

What I hate:

This car needs either more power or better gas mileage. I get an abysmal 17 mpg city/freeway 50/50. The power is only ample for everyday driving.

It's a seriously sloppy mushy suspension with almost no precision in the steering whatsoever. It feels like an inner tube on wheels, and handles with the precision of a marshmallow.

The plastics on the interior are cheap and poorly fit.

Lots of the car (valve covers, etc.) is plastic (doesn't do well for making it look high quality).

The battery is located in the wheel well. Who designed this thing?

The gas pedal is very touchy.

The trip meter randomly resets itself. My 89' Lebaron did the same thing, so I am wondering if Chrysler has changed their traveller gauges since 89.

The MPG meter is also WAY WAY OFF, as well as the DTE meter. 470 miles to empty?? I don't think so. Try 260, maybe. And I am not getting 45.6 mpg. I get 17.

What I enjoy:

The stereo really kicks butt in this car. Best stock stereo I've heard.

The leather is quite nice feeling, but at the same time, looks cheap.

It's interesting that such a small V6 can stay under 1800 rpms all the way up to 55 mph. It's nice to think that this engine isn't really struggling at all, but then again, I think it's a poorly designing shift pattern.

It looks decent and like a respectable car with all the appointments and everything.

The stereo is straight forward and easy to use.

The gauges look nice.

That's it, I really hate this car. It's got things that are good, but 17 mpg, super annoying electronic quirks, and random starting issues have caused me to loathe this machine. It makes me feel like Chrysler doesn't care about what kind of cars they make. This looks and feels like the 95' Stratus, only with leather and chrome wheels. It feels like a rip off.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2009

20th Jul 2009, 16:16

Lots of cars nowadays have plastic valve covers, and many other things that shouldn't be plastic but they are.

And for the battery in the location that it is, it may be a pain, but most cars batteries nowadays are in the bumper, under the wind shield wipers (VW's), or even under the seat. They just put it wherever they can find room. That's cars nowadays, if you don't like plastics buy an older car. Like from the 80s and before.

10th Dec 2010, 11:21


Sebring Limited, it's a GREAT car, so I suppose there is something wrong - in particular speaking - with your automobile - ex. the intake air sensor failed.

... Apropos, for your knowledge, the Limited version has ACTIVE SUSPENSION.