31st May 2009, 19:11

Well, if I were buying a new car, I for one would rather do without the "Things that Toyota won't offer a few years" and have a car with a transmission that works.

Apparently I'm not alone, judging on the sales numbers of the Camry vs. those of the Sebring. :)

4th Jun 2009, 16:36

With the Sebring aside for a moment... The best you can come up with for comparison is a Camry? Good Lord...

I hate to break it to you, but the Camry is hardly the be-all and end-all of cars... First of all... If one simply wanted reliability, there are several other Asian cars which have shown to be more reliable than the Camry - especially as of the last years. And as shocking as it may sound (you may want to sit down for this one, your heart might not be able to take), in recent years even a handful of domestic cars have been shown to be as reliable if not more so than the Camry.

Secondly, with this catchall, superficial veil of "reliability" taken out of the equation... What does the Camry have going for it? Not all that much... There isn't a single measurable, nor quantitative quality for which the Camry is "class-leading."

Not only that... The entire package is about as exciting as a senior citizen community's rendition of "South Pacific." It's a bland, blah, soulless hunk of Japanese machinery completely devoid of any and all emotion whatsoever.

If one has $25-30,000 to drop on car and the best they can come up with is a Camry, then they seriously have more than a few things going wrong upstairs... Either that, or they're as bland, blah, boring, and soulless as the car they so desire.

8th Feb 2010, 13:39

TO :25th May 2009, 09:21

"Whats options are you speaking of - your one speed transmission, perhaps? :)"

...or maybe an accelerator that doesn't floor itself, killing its occupants :)

...or maybe a "floor mat" that is actually engineered for the car and doesn't kill its occupants :)

...or maybe a brake pedal that doesn't deactivate on rough roads :)

...or maybe a frame that doesn't rust :)

...or maybe a engine that doesn't sludge :)

Wow, these seem like great options... shouldn't they be standard on every car? :)

8th Feb 2010, 16:15

"Wow, these seem like great options... shouldn't they be standard on every car? :) "

I agree, Chrysler engine's would never sludge because they fit together so loosely.

Rust can happen on any car. Chrysler's are actually quite well known for it.

Floor mats, even cloth ones, are usually optional equipment. I've never purchased a new car that came with them standard.

As for the gas pedals, well, that's really the only good complaint you've got against Toyota if you're comparing Toyota and Chrysler. However, as for Toyota's current gas pedal recall, while a vehicle that can't stop is dangerous, a vehicle that can't move is useless (Chrysler's famous for build those kinds of transmissions. You know, the ones that keep the wheels from moving.)