18th Apr 2008, 06:23

To 18th Apr 2008, 00:55 -

I'm not a huge fan of Chrysler, however I'd take 10 new Sebrings if I can buy them for $19 each.

Under twenty bucks and you didn't buy it on the spot?

27th Apr 2008, 20:55

Quite obviously they meant $19K. Agree with review though. The Sebring is a great car, I own an 06 with the 2.4 engine and couldn't be happier. I plan on upgrading shortly to the new model. Enjoy your car!

29th Oct 2008, 16:59

I just drove the 2008 Sebring. I believe that it was the LX, or whatever the basic model is.

I was helping my mother car shop because it's her first time buying a car since my dad passed away. I myself have always driven Fords, so naturally, I tried to get her in a Fusion/Milan. Her criteria was something safe, fuel efficient and of course, reliable. We actually ran across this one on accident.

We tried Toyotas, Fords, Chevys, Hondas and Hyundais. When we left the Toyota dealer and being very unsatisfied with a new Camry, we stopped in at the Chrysler dealer that was just down the block. And that's how we came across this car. It was the last 2008 Sebring they had on their lot dressed in white. The looks of this car took some time to grow on me, but I now find the car to be somewhat classy, yet fun.

My mother loved it. Once we drove this car, she was ready to purchase. I just feel I need to give this car some major credit. I did some research to find that naturally, the imports are better cars. Of all the imports we drove, I honestly cannot say that.

This is the base car she purchased. It has the 2.4 engine, which despite what "experts" say, is pretty powerful. Keep in mind it is a four cylinder, but it moves well, and is not as loud as people seem to say. When you push it hard, it makes noise, what car doesn't? Drive a four cylinder Camry/Corolla, same thing, and they aren't as quick.

Plus, for the 20K she paid, no other car offers this many options, and certainly no one else offers a lifetime warranty. I feel good about this car. I think that it will be reliable for her, and with a reassuring warranty, you can't argue. It's very smooth and efficient, and overall a very good value.

If you are in the market for a sedan, definitely look at this one before you run out and buy a Camry/Accord/Fusion/Altima. I think that you'll be surprised.

27th Dec 2008, 09:35

I just drove the twin model, the Avenger base model and was very impressed! Loaded with no options... including satellite radio. The instrument cluster is beautiful at night. It drove nice and I liked the way the steering wheel felt. It shifted smoothly, rode well and was quiet at lower RPMs. The warranty is great too.

Big problem... or benefit... resale value. I can pick up a used one a 2007 same style... for $9000 with around 35K miles. I just know it will be worth very little in a few years and even at that price I would lose money if I did not like it. Tough call... but I agree, it is a VERY nice car!

27th May 2010, 01:17

I am the original reviewer, and just wanted to update my review now that two years have passed.

I'm up to 40,000 miles on the car in the last two years, and it's still a great vehicle. The engine still gets great mileage, the car has started up every morning (even in the coldest winter or hottest summer), the interior has worn well (the seats and carpets still look good), and I've had no repairs needed of any sort.

Scheduled maintenance on the car has included oil changes (I use synthetic oil for longer engine life), tire rotations, and I recently replaced the spark plugs and wires (for some reason, Chrysler didn't use platinum plugs on this car). I'm still on the original tires, and will probably be replacing them soon. The belt replacement will also be here before I know it, but again, that's a standard maintenance issue found on many cars.

The exterior is in outstanding shape. The paint is glossy and bright.

The car still handles and drives well, with no "shimmy" on the highway or degradation in handling/performance.

This car has been exactly what I hoped it to be -- a comfortable, reliable, durable and economical daily driver. Long term durability and reliability has been exceptional, maintenance cost has been reasonable, and I see no reason why this car won't still be running well three to four years from now.

If you're concerned about this vehicle's reliability and durability, hopefully my experience puts your mind at ease. Chrysler has a great midsized sedan in the Sebring, and the upcoming refresh/update will hopefully improve the interior materials and make platinum plugs standard... while maintaining the low cost of ownership and reliability I've come to expect from this car. Highly recommended. I still see no reason to spend $6K to $10K more for a comparable Toyota or Honda product.

17th May 2013, 22:56

The comment about changing the belt. I hope you are not referring to a timing belt, because the 2.4 four in the newer style '08 Sebrings have a timing chain that may never need replacement. This is another huge advantage over some of the imports.