2009 Chrysler Town and Country Limited 4.3 litre from North America


The car is good. Chrysler sucks the big one!


Brakes at 18,000Km. Chrysler had a recall and never informed me.

I replaced the brakes at home and have not gone to Chryslers reps since.

General Comments:

Overall good. As far as Chrysler, the warranties and after purchase care sucks!

I have no faith in the company since the purchase of this vehicle, and certainly won't buy any further products from Chrysler.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2015

2009 Chrysler Town and Country Touring 4.0L from North America


Unacceptably poor reliability


Engine stopped running at 93 kms and the vehicle was towed.

Transmission randomly shifts into 2nd gear and locks up. Problem started at 4500 kms, vehicle now has 14,000 kms and the problem still exists.

General Comments:

The vehicle is comfortable to ride in.

Heated seats nice, stow and go seats are good.

Sirius radio nice. Generally overall a nice vehicle except for reliability.

Have owned 4 previous Caravans and this is much the same, except it has extremely poor reliability.

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Review Date: 5th November, 2009

2009 Chrysler Town and Country Limited w/ Swivel and Go Seat 4.0V6 from North America


We love it!!


Nothing at all.

General Comments:

This is our second Town and Country Limited. We traded in our 2004 version for the 2009 version. We sure made a great purchase!

We have 3 young children, and felt that it was time to upgrade the minivan. So we went to the auto show in Philadelphia Pennsylvania back in February of 2009. We went right to the Chrysler display and saw the minivans on display. There, we saw the Limited model in silver. We took the kids with us, we sat in it, and then we asked one of the salesman if they could track down the exact same minivan that was on display.

The salesman told us that a local dealership had the exact same one in stock. So we called the dealership up and told them that we will would go there to see the vehicle. That Monday night, we purchased the vehicle.

It has everything in it. Everything from the top of the line audio system to the heated leather seats. As far as the swivel-n-go feature is concerned, we truly love it! They can have a blast of a good time back there while on our road trips.

Comfort wise? Better than our 2004. The seats are much better in all 3 rows. As for the placement of the gear shifter, it is fine, but Chrysler could have done a better job in possibly lowering the placement of it. Where they have it now, it's like playing the slot machine. The rest of the interior is laid out the way that it should be in a Chrysler minivan.

Would we recommend this van to anyone? Definitely. Chrysler sure hit a grand slam home run when building these versions. We definitely plan on keeping ours.

So if you liked the previous versions of the ever so popular Chrysler minivans, you owe it to yourself to going to your nearest Chrysler dealer and test drive one of these.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2009

13th Mar 2011, 20:44

To the original poster.

It has been two years since you purchased this minivan. How many miles do you have on it now? Do you still own this van? How is it reliability wise?

You made your initial entry at 7 thousand miles, I would like to know how this van is holding up.