7th Apr 2006, 13:23

2000 Town & Country - 93,000 miles; 1 transmission replacement at 63,000 and now another only 30,000 miles later. I have had this car into the dealer/dealers over 40 times. Chrysler has the history, but no breaks here. This car is a definite lemon and we are now stuck with it until it goes to its third transmission which will likely occur after another 30,000 miles. No more Chrysler products for me. I have had enough. Other problems include replacing about every part in the car known to man. If the computer says nothing they just start replacing parts. They replaced over 20 parts before the computer told them it was the transmission. Unsolvable rattles - yes we had them too. Dealers just can't get good help these days. Give me the old guy that knows what that sound is. Maybe he could tell me why the car stalls whenever the temp. is over 85. Glad I am in ND.

4th Feb 2007, 14:05

My wife and I bought a brand new 2005 Chrysler T&C back in December 2004. At 40,000 miles, we are past our Basic Limited Warranty. We have been experiencing coolant leaks the last few months. When we brought it into the dealer, they told us the water pump was causing the leak and so we had it replaced. This did not resolve the issue. We brought the minivan back to the dealer. They told us the drain cock needed to be replaced, as it was causing the coolant leak, so we had it replaced last week. Within the last 7 days, all of the coolant has leaked from our car. We are frustrated and wondering if this coolant problem will ever truly be diagnosed and fixed? This is getting old fast!

Any suggestions on how we should approach the dealer about this?