15th Dec 2001, 00:25

My family has owned two of these death traps. First we bought a 1991 Dodge Caravan all wheel drive. My mom wrecked it going under 10 mph on a snowy road because of ABS brake failure lockup.

At 75k the transmission began to make noise at slow speeds so we traded it on a "nicer" piece of junk - a 1993 Chrysler Town and Country.

Replaced the oxygen sensors at 12K. Tensioner pully twice, battery and alternator twice.

Transmission gave out at 69000 miles which was lucky because Chrysler offered the 7/70 warranty. Air conditioning broke also. We sold this at 75K.

Both vans chewed brakes and tires under 10k mile intervals. Axles were replaced in both, front struts, fuel pumps, and plugs kept going out (don't try to change them yourself cause you have to reach behind the motor from below the car!).

Overall these vans, including all Chrysler products made from 1990 up, are pieces of junk. Resale value is nonexistent and trade in value is likewise. I talked to a friend of mine who owns a 1995 Chrysler Town and Country and has put 5 transmissions in it and it only has around 100k miles.

My advice to anyone even considering a Chrysler product is to look at something else for your sanity!

26th Jan 2004, 07:40

I don't understand why you people are having so many problems with your minivans, I live in the UK, I currently own 2 Chrysler's a 1997 Neon & a 1998 Chrysler grand Voyager 3.3 V6 LE.. the voyager has the "dodge" grille and is built in the states... lovely looking car... the spec in my van is the same almost as a Town & Country, I have full leather, full electrics, 10 speaker pack, winter pack, everything.. Anyway. I bought my van in August 2003..it had 118,000 on the clock... It now has 125,238..It just passed it's service test here in the UK.. no problems..just needed a new middle seatbelt. and a new set of back brakes.. I carry my kids everywhere. load it up... generally drive it rough.(not when the kids are in it)... cruise on the motorway at 75mph .. it goes like a dream... the ONLY problem I can agree on is the brakes, I find them weak for a van this size.. my Neon brakes are not so good either. They have never locked up, they just feel A bit underpowered.having said that I would still buy Chrysler/Dodge...no problems at all

29th Mar 2004, 19:40

Our 1997 T&C has had some of the same problems. It now has 97k miles and has had 2 water pumps, clock spring (before recall) numerous electrical problems, crank pulley, and the a/c evaporator went out at 90k. The problem now is serpentine belt noise. The belt squeals constantly. We have replaced the belt tensioner twice and the belt 5 times just in the past 4k miles and nothing seems to quiet the belt down. The dealer said it's the power steering pump leaking onto the belt (and wants $400 to fix) but the other shops confirm there is no problem with the pump. The van is now an embarrassment to drive because of the noise, but a pleasure because of it's comforts and handling. Nothing on the market now compares to the ride and design of our van in our opinion, I just wish everyone wouldn't stare at us when we drive down the street because of the loud belt noise. Any suggestions?

16th Apr 2004, 02:00

I bought our 1997 Town & Country LXi used with 36k miles on it. All service records were included. It now has 100k miles with only a few problems, all corrected. And it still has the original brakes!

25th Oct 2004, 15:57

We have a 1998 Dodge Caravan Sport. Love the van, hate the maintenance costs. Warranty work provided by dealer: head gaskets replaced at 12,000 miles. Belt tensioner reinstalled at 35,000 miles, (attachment bold sheared off, standing wife and kids). We had the opportunity to pay for following repairs: 1) Locked ignition, 2) Cooling fan relay switch, 3) New starter. The following items need to be repaired, but we are saving our money for a new van; 1) No heat on front passenger side, 2) Left turn signal will not turn itself off after turn, 3) Driver side window switch is not reliable.

Would we ever purchase another? NO. Would we recommend a Chrysler product to a friend? NO.

17th Mar 2005, 10:19

We inherited our 1997 Chrysler Town and Country LXi from my parents who kept the vehicle maintenance up to date and completed by the dealership. I continued the good maintenance, but have since replaced the following in 2 years: Starter, Fan Switch, Transmission, AC evaporator and about $500 worth of brake work. The vehicle has 124k miles on it. The Air Bag light will not turn off, mechanics cannot figure that one out and the cruise control/horn have stopped working. Nice vehicle, but costly.

18th Mar 2005, 12:47

Help for everybody with airbag light "ON", and the "cruise control not working" - Chrysler issued a Saftey Recall 2 months ago to fix the "slip rings" in the steering column.

24th Jul 2005, 20:35

I've had a 2000 T&C since new. There are 97,000 miles on it now and generally the car has had few repair needs. However, at the last oil change it was pointed out to me that the strut towers were rusting and this could eventually pose a safety risk. Has anyone else had this problem and how has it been handled?

17th Aug 2005, 10:36

I have a 97 Grande Voyager SE. I have just ordered the Kits to fix the rusting strut towers, part numbers 055080008-aa, and 0580009-aa. I'm quoted at $92 for both including tax, body shop hours at 6.8..

25th Aug 2005, 11:33

We just bought our '97 T&C LXi with 125K mile on the odometer. I think we were fairly lucky, the P.O. kept it dealer maint. with records to prove it and had the dealer replace the trany one year ago. Steering is tight, no signs of leaks or puddles under the car, it tracks straight as well as brakes straight. No squeaks coming from the engine. Although it does have a funny quirk, once in a while the windshield wipers will cycle once then turn off. Anyone else have this gremlin?? but as far as the rest of the "Mini" goes, paint is near perfect glass is clean with no spots whatsoever. Really show pride of ownership and for the price ($3800.00 U.S.funds) I guess we couldn't go wrong. So far so good! knock on wood.

29th Aug 2005, 17:15

We purchased our 1996 T/C LXI at 73k. Vehicle was reasonably priced and clean. But only a few thousand miles later, look out, the troubles began. The starter went first, and then 1 month later, another starter, a $500 climate control panel, a $1500 transmission, strut replacements, brake replacements, all within 1 year. We'll maybe I've got all the problems worked out. Wrong! The engine started overheating, and after several trips to the shop the problem was fixed. Well I have so much in the vehicle now that I have yo keep it. Maybe not drive it, but at least have it to look at or something. It is a very comfortable vehicle, and very user friendly in its own way. Whatever you do keep it serviced. The wife loves it, but no more Dodge products for me.