1965 Chrysler Valiant AP6 3.7 litre OHV inline six from Australia and New Zealand


Reliable, Big and Solid


Some accident damage has caused rust to destroy the front bumper.

Front seats have a large hole in them and need to be re upholstered.

Original carburettor wore out and was replaced with a Bendix Stromberg from a Holden.

Exhaust manifold developed a crack and thus was replaced with extractors.

Rust hole in the floor.

General Comments:

This particular vehicle was purchased in 1965 by my great uncle.

Over its 39 years it has been modified slightly.

14" Mag Wheels are in place of the original steel wheels and hubcaps, this resulted in better handling.

The interior has a radio and heater.

Genie Extractors have replaced the exhaust manifold and have liberated a little extra horse power.

Acceleration isn't very good as the car is quite heavy and only has a three speed manual column shift.

Top speed is a claimed 160 km/h + (100mph +) although I have not seen past 120 as the car currently runs retreads.

A lack of air conditioning and other creature comforts have forced me into looking for a second car.

Over the coming years I will be restoring the Valiant to its former glory.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2004

6th Apr 2005, 02:39

I have an AP6 SW and have only had to replace the carburetor because of old age/lack of spares. I fitted a weber and so far the car is 110% reliable. The ride quality is like newer large cars. The down side is the fuel consumption.

31st Jul 2006, 06:54

I have an AP6 that was my Grandfathers from new. It has done only 65,000 miles, but the distributor is worn and it runs a bit rough. Once moving along it is comfortable and reasonably economical - if you call 20 miles per gallon economical.