1977 Chrysler Valiant Regal 4.0L from Australia and New Zealand


Not much Valiant for a Regal gas-guzzler


Too numerous to list.

Interior panels not fitted properly.

Electrical problems.

Mechanical problems.

General Comments:

This was my Dad's first yank-tank when we emigrated to New Zealand from Holland. Of course it was an Australian-build, but it was still a huge car compared to Dad's little Opel Rekord in Holland.

Every three days or so Dad would be tinkering with it, because something wasn't quite right with the car. The build quality was awful and the after-care service was poor.

The car had no seatbelts. Two bench-seats, so lots of sliding fun for us kids. And Dad got his very first speeding ticket on the open road doing roughly 160km/h in a 100km/h restriction whilst traveling from Auckland to Wellington.

Shortly after, Dad traded the Chrysler in for a Holden Torana Plus4 with an Opel engine, ironically the same powerplant as his old car in Holland.

The reason was that as new immigrants, every penny counted toward the mortgage of a new house, and owning a 4.0L gas guzzler like the Chrysler didn't help.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2008

1977 Chrysler Valiant Regel VJ 245 hemi from Australia and New Zealand


A good solid car


Ballast resistor was faulty.

Auto transmission cooked and replaced.

Hydraulic lifters noisy.

The arm-rest in the front bench-seat bent and broken.

Worn carburetor lobes due to LPG conversion.

Other than that just wear and tear - ball joints etc.

General Comments:

LPG conversion - What can I say, don't do it!!Valve guides worn, smokey when started. The poor old hemi has almost reached 300,000.Almost time for retirement.

Rust is starting to get away on me. Especially under vinyl roof under the back window and inside the door panels. Reasonably cheap to run on LPG.

Garaged now ready for restoration and engine transplant.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2004