1980 Chrysler Valiant 4.0 Litre 6 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


Good, but not as good as the Regal version - a gutless wonder really with the 4.0Litre


Carburettor went crazy after running some over-the-counter fuel system cleaner through it. Surges now. Mechanic said carburettor needs rebuild.

Disc brakes are warped - need shaving. Pads OK

Power steering really noisy despite reconditioned

Exhaust leak due to crack in manifold from old age

E.L.B seems to be doing it's own thing even though it was replaced with a new unit several years ago (new)

General Comments:

The person I bought the car off was the first and only owner and looked after it very well.

Performance is totally inadequate - car is too heavy for a 4.0 litre. It is GUTLESS. This sort of heavy car really needs the 265 (4.3) or better a V8 to be worth the while having.

Steering on this one is good - firmer than my 79 Regal.

6 seater severely lacking places to put things eg no centre console or any cup holders - other cars of the same era had this. Behind the times.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 2nd April, 2006

29th Oct 2006, 07:42

There must be a problem with your car. I have owned many Valiants, (Currently have 9 or 10) with a range of different engines. I find the 4.0L CM engine to be a great little performer and definitely not too small for the car. Still has the grunt to overtake Nissan Skylines at 140km/h with 6 people in the car at only half or so throttle. :)

Stop being a wuss and just stick the cup between your knees!

Valiants forever!

15th Nov 2006, 15:51

I have to agree with the other comment with regard to the power of the 4 litre model. My father had this particular model and at no stage did he feel that this motor was gutless. He could obtain speeds of up to 130 km/h and still have power in reserve. There was also no problems towing with this vehicle.

20th Feb 2011, 22:22

Saying that a 245 has no performance! You need to be slapped with a big fish!

It beat Holden and Ford equivalents of the same era then came the 4.3 265 which still today beats all over Commodores and Falcons.