1992 Chrysler Voyager from Austria


Very roomy, but not at all reliable


Sliding door fell completely off the car.

Engine cooler blew up.

Anti-lock brake lights and all service lights repeatedly come on.

Automatic gear stick has been stuck in park mode.

General Comments:

It handles well and is very comfortable on long rides.

The extra roomy space makes it ideal for people with a large family and pets.

However since it only has one sliding door it is very difficult to get more than one small child seat-belted in the backseat. You do not have the advantage of going around to the other side of the car to fix the seatbelt.

The 2nd backseat is awkward for passengers to exit the car. Sitting space is adequate, but extremely cramped when attempting to exit.

The spaciousness of this car is not worth the money spent repairing it. It has been nothing, but trouble since day one. Like I said I enjoyed the space, but did not enjoy my sliding door completely falling off the car in the middle of the grocery store parking lot!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 27th June, 2003