2001 Chrysler Voyager Limited petrol 3.3 from UK and Ireland


Great tool with plenty of comfort


From new the climate control system did not operate correctly, it was a two state system, hot or cold. This problem was recognized by the dealer during test drive on three occasions, after each the vehicle returned stating they could not find anything wrong. After ten months and my complaint to Chrysler UK the problem was finally rectified.

More recently I have complained of the engine knocking on start up, this happens when the vehicle is parked up hot for a couple of days or so during hot summer conditions. On start up the engine knocks, if I am at an airport after a week or so parked up I cringe when turning the key. The oil in the system appears to drain away which is confirmed two fold by the knocking and increased engine speed while the oil pressure builds up.

General Comments:

Has anyone else noticed this problem, the dealers fix has come to changing the oil to a semi synthetic, the oil is only running 3,000 miles between services.

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Review Date: 6th January, 2005

12th Jan 2006, 11:09

If you have a knocking in the engine on start-up, GET IT FIXED NOW!! Especially if the car is still under warranty.

I have just found myself in a situation where, 6 months out of warranty, and having complained of a tappety sound at the 60,000 service, I was told to keep running it with the new oil and would 'probably go'

It hasn't; I have apparently blown a big end and lost a piston; damaged the crankshaft and am looking at a £3000+ bill to put it right. I should say that it is a 3.3 V6 Grand Voyager Ltd which has had all its services, but has only done 37,000 in 4 years.

Chrysler have 'declined' to offer a goodwill payment to cover part of the cost, despite the fact that this engine should sail past 100,000 miles without a problem because - ready for this - one of the services was about three or four months later than it should have been and thus invalidates everything - all bets are off!

Moral of the story: Get it seen to now before you have the same problem.

2001 Chrysler Voyager LX 2.5 CRD from UK and Ireland


A bag load of trouble!


My clutch required replacement at 38,000 miles.

My rear windows stuck open and required replacement motors.

My front electric windows required new motors.

My cam shaft required changing at 59000 miles.

My sump required replacing at 38000 miles.

I have had 5 different rear number plates as they keep falling off.

The stereo has been replaced 3 times.

The air conditioning has been replaced twice.

General Comments:

The seats are very very heavy and impossible to move alone.

Rear leg room is very cramped.

Front seats are great and very comfortable with leather.

Very slow at low speeds, but cruises well at high speeds.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2004

2001 Chrysler Voyager SE 2.5 CRD from UK and Ireland


An excellent car


The driver's side electric mirror failed at 4000 miles.

General Comments:

This car is a very comfortble family vehicle.

It has a very roomy cabin, it is very smooth to drive, has very good performance and is very economical,30+mpg in town.

Even though it is the base spec, it has excellent levels of equipment.

Chrysler seems to have got it right this time.

It knocks the Galaxy into a cocked hat.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2002