2002 Chrysler Voyager CRD LX 2.5 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Fabulous. Terrific MPV, but expensive to run


Folding wing mirrors failed to fold.

Alarm goes off under vibration.

Alloy wheels blistered.

General Comments:

Annoying faults all repaired promptly and under warranty by dealer.

Fabulous roomy car.

I used this car as a 4 seater and it out shone anything on 4 wheels for load carrying and comfort.

Main criticism would be the heavy and cumbersome rear bench seat, which when removed, were on earth do you put it!

Stiff servicing costs at dealership.

I would not like to own this car out of warranty. Parts are expensive.

Reasonably economical if on motorway at 75MPH, 36 averaging, but a disaster in town middle 20's MPG.

High depreciation on resale. Mercedes Estate a better option, but not the same carrying space.

New model Voyager Automatic economy drops to 29MPG on motorway.

Very High insurance group 15. Ouch if living in Northern Ireland.

If you have the need for an MPV, this is the one to buy. Acres of room, and great style, but always buy it with leather.

I will be sad to part with it, but sadly new auto at 29 MPG is to high for me on my mileage.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2004

2002 Chrysler Voyager SE 2.5CRD from UK and Ireland


Best thing I ever bought


Gear change into first has always been sticky. This was reported in January and a heavier gear lever was fitted last month (June), this improved the gear shift into first, but now it has started jumping out of reverse.

The handbrake had a clicking sensation on applying and the lever has now been replaced, curing the problem. When I first reported this fault I was told "they all do it" until a mechanic also reported it.

The offside (right) sliding door clicks on acceleration and braking. I will be reporting this shortly.

General Comments:

In general I have been very pleased with the vehicle and would not go back to a sardine can. I love the feeling of space and the comfort. My children like being in the back and don't get car sick on long journeys now. Although that could have been that they were sick of the Volvo.

The general build quality is good and the only thing I can fault is the pull-your-shoulder-out-of-its-socket spring on the back door.

Lastly, would it cause a problem or be too much to ask for the folks in the dealership to smile now and then.

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Review Date: 20th July, 2003

2002 Chrysler Voyager from Norway


Apart from this problem and high gas consumption, the car is good


Optical flaw in the windshield, just below the blue band of the sun screen.

If you sit high, the horizontal deformation in the screen causes objects to deform when they pass through this band of the screen - like through a magnifying glass.

The fault causes headaches and is very distracting when driving.

Does anyone else have this fault? The Importer claims it is the same on other Voyagers and is, therefore, normal.

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Review Date: 5th November, 2002

29th May 2003, 15:06

We had a Voyager for seven years. All wind screens have some distortion. You may try to lower or raise you seat. As to mileage/fuel economy, we used to get 40 MPG or 17.12Km/Ltr (if I did my math right) with a 1000lb/450 Kilo load at 75mph (120 Km/Hour.) This was with the 3.3 Litre engine. Check to make sure you are using the overdrive. (look at the engine RPMs, if above 3000 at 100km/hour you have a problem.) My experience is that this car is very thrifty on fuel. Also if you have the 4 cylinder, your mileage will actually be worse than the v-6s.

2002 Chrysler Voyager eC 4 cylinder from North America


A lemon, and no buy back provided without legal hassle


Transmission defaulted 3 times in first 10,0000 miles, causing car to not shift. (One time this occurred when I was turning left off a highway, in front of an 18-wheeler. Thankfully, I managed to manually shift to Neutral and avoid being struck.) These have each been diagnosed as "computer" problems - once the solenoid was replaced, once the transmission control module was replaced, and last they tell me there was moisture on the connection (on a hot dry Texas day with no puddles or road moisture for weeks).

In addition, the locks sporadically lock and unlock - even when the van is not running. This means that when you leave your van in the parking lot, locked up safely, there's a good chance it will be unlocked when you return to it. The dealership stated they did not know how to fix this, and merely installed a security system on the van in order to reduce the probability of theft if the van unlocks itself.

General Comments:

I have been more than patient with the dealership and Chrysler up to now. I realize that problems sometimes occur in a new vehicle. However, averaging 3 days in the shop for every 2,000 miles we have driven - it's obvious that this van is a lemon. I have been extremely disappointed that neither the dealership nor Chrysler will stand behind the product they sell/manufacture and "buy back" this defective vehicle unless I go through a long and involved legal hassle, which could take up to 150 days - during which I have no "dependable" vehicle to drive.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2002

8th Apr 2004, 11:29

I am glad to here I am not the only one living a nightmare, if theres any advice to anyone I could give if you want your family safe, do not buy from the Chrysler motor corp, it could kill you.

15th May 2006, 17:12

I too have had transmission problems with a 2002 Chrysler voyager, but my problems didn't start until about 35,000 miles (about 1 year ago). It has been in the shop about 8 times with the same symptoms, the check engine light comes on, the transmission goes into limp mode (doesn't shift out of first). If we go on a long trip we rent a vehicle because we trust the car. Luckily I purchased the extended warranty and all repairs have been made under warranty with 1 $50 copay.