9th Feb 2003, 02:12

Obviously the above dealer is total untrained. The instrument panel will freeze as an electronic fault and you only need to remove and the put back the electric switches under the bonnet to re-boot it. I has the same problem and a local mechanic did it for me! As for Handbrake problems - the Chrysler braking system is apparently only adjustable from the rear disk area - I have had the same problem - main dealers seem to know how to do this, but charge the earth! Apart from that I've had no problems with my Chrysler - my advise... Get a good local mechanic who you can trust to do the servicing and normal repairs, and only use the main dealer for emergencies.

26th Feb 2003, 15:28

I live in the Boston area and just experienced the same frozen instrument panel problem with my 98 Voyager. I do many repairs myself, so I may try to remove and replace myself before spending a lot of money. Would appreciate any guidance available. I have been satisfied with the vehicle for 5 yrs/ 64k miles. Had a few minor issues, but overall it has been reliable. This is my second Voyager and I must say I did have fewer problems with the first. You get what you pay for.

21st May 2003, 14:59

We lived in Canada for 5 years I owned a total of 3 Chrysler's

1-A Chrysler Grand Voyager

2- A Chrysler Intrepid & 3- A Chrysler/Dodge Neon..

Out of these cars we had NO problems with any..It's a real shame the Dealersip have let you down,...we now live back in the UK & own a 1995 Chrysler Grand Voyager (the old shape) We got it in Germany...It's got 100+ KM on the clock and we have NO problems with it...It's not Chrysler it's these dealers???

15th Mar 2004, 15:55

I bought my 1998 2.0 SE Petrol Voyager in 2001 with 54,000 miles on the clock.

From day one it had exhaust problems.

At 73,000 miles the fuel pump went and cost 1,000 euro to repair.

At 82,000 miles the power steering pump went and it cost 800 euro to repair.

Despite the expensive purchase price I received a very bad trade in price for the vehicle, in fact some dealers wouldn't even take it as a trade in.

Have you seen the encap results for this car, not so good for carrying a family in!

13th Oct 2004, 05:28

1998 Chrysler Voyager 3.3LX bought this car from a garage in Chessington Surrey.. at 30,000 miles in April 2004. Very pleased with it at the beginning. Went into a Chrysler dealer in Amersham for its 37,000 mile check up to be told that the track rod ends had gone and the sub-frame had worn so badly it was dangerous to drive!!! nobody can believe that in just 7,000 miles this could happen. Have considered legal action... but who do you go after??? and trying to prove anything.. my husband and I have given up. Just forking out £2500.00 for this to be rectified. In some respects this isn't the point... the point is that we have been driving our 3 young children around in what we thought was a reliable family car!!!

26th Oct 2005, 01:06

I'm writing from Mongolia asking to have assistance on my van. I have bought 98 Chrysler Grand Voyager SE with 2.4L DOHC engine in 2002 from Europe. After arriving in Mongolia this car's automatic transmission broken down. So I decided to change automatic transmission to manual transmission. I have replaced Japanese car's /Toyota Camry/ manual transmission /4S type enigine/. I need some used car's parts for my car. So please write me what you have and offer. Actually I don't know names of the parts in English. After receiving your e-mails I will go to Benz dealer office in Mongolia and ask what they would be.

I hope you will help me with your reply.

Thanks to you all.


Chrysler Voyager Owner.

18th Mar 2010, 07:09

96, Grand Voyager 2.4 D, 320,000km. This car has a very poor trade-in value due to its reputation.

My experience with Chrysler dealers and service is horrid. They are very expensive and seem uneducated about this car. Other shops with quality mechanics do much better at 1/3 the price.

This car is not good for towing loads (although it can), and the engine drive belt must be replaced every 50K.

It's a great road car, but special care must be given to preventative maintenance. I really like the car. The 2002 (and up) models have a better motor. Good luck!