2CV Bamboo 602

A superb classic that will never be bettered

15 words, UK and Ireland

2CV Bamboo 0.6

I have a new Audi A8, and Nissan 350Z, but nothing, can give more pleasure than the 2cv!

468 words, UK and Ireland, 3 comments

2CV Bamboo

Ever been rolled down a hill in a dustbin? I love it really

480 words, UK and Ireland

2CV Charleston 602cc flat-twin air-cooled beast

Who needs a modern Eurobox when you can drive a 2CV?

303 words, UK and Ireland

2CV 6 speciale 602cc air cooled flat twin cylinder

A really cool and fun car that is reliable and versatile. What more can you ask for!

556 words, UK and Ireland, 2 comments

2CV Speciale (2CV6) 602cc

One of a kind in cars - enormous fun!

97 words, UK and Ireland

2CV 2CV6 Special 0.6

A low performance bargain

40 words, UK and Ireland