27th Jan 2004, 17:46

Ahhhh, a blast from the past. I had an AX GT 500 from new when they came out. Probably still my favourite car to this day, because it was my first new car, and a little cracker it was too. I loved the half leather seats, and it was a mini rocket.

The only downside to it was the alloys; they bubbled within a year, and although Citroen took them away and treated them, it reappeared again.

Apart from that, it was a special little car. I sold mine after about 25,000 miles and always wished I'd kept it longer. It's an old car now, but if anyone still has one, I hope you appreciate what a belter it was in its day.

26th Mar 2004, 17:55

Very quick great fun and yes there one or two still about.

So the Ax GT, is not dead yet it a very under rated!!!

The Alligator.

27th Dec 2004, 13:53

Hehe - like the poster above, my first car was too an AXGT500 - I paid £5,700 for mine back in 1993!!!

A great little car it was too - the alloys had almost a mirrored shine on them, and it was nice having something a bit different (the metallic grey was only available on AXGT500s and a limited edition AX called the "Chicago").

Later AXGTs (93K onwards) had much nicer interiors and rattled less, but were only fitted with 13" alloys, not 14s.

Unfortunately I wrote mine off in 1995!!! :O.

I subsequently moved on to a 205 GTI.

Some guy then called me a year later to ask if the mileage of the AX on the V5 was genuine?!?!? He had bought it as an approved repair and had it taken off the alert register!

I even remember the reg, it was J977 STF...

10th Apr 2005, 14:07

I am the guy who wrote the comments about it being my first new car ;-)

I was about to burst into tears at the thought of my baby being written off!!! From what the above post said, it could of been mine he bought because I sold mine at about that time. Anyway, he declared his number plate and it wasn't mine... Phewwww!!!

It brings back so many good memories reading this thread again. Searching through my loft, I stumbled across my old GT 500 keyring, which came with the car. It also had a GT 500 document wallet; I held onto the keyring for the memories :-)