1986 Citroen BX RD Break 1.9 diesel from Germany


BX quisite!


Changed accumulator sphere (main suspension regulator)

Original seats were finished - interior from higher spec model fitted - lovely.

These models known for electrical problems. No temp gauge, only flashing warning light (must be vigilant - this has finished a lot of these off) problem with dry connections.

Problems with diesel flow - ongoing.

Just fitted new distributor on Boxing Day!

General Comments:

Great design. Mk.1 BXs now very rare espcially the estate version.

Reliable, economical and stylish. Not overloaded with unnecessary gimmicks.

This car is for enthusiasts : it's eccentric and after twenty years fragile in places, but the engine is a tough old legend (just maintain it properly)

Great on long runs. I cross Europe in this beast, spending pence and oozing 80s style amongst modern generic blob cars.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2007

1986 Citroen BX Leader old type 1.4 ccm petrol from Serbia


Excellent value for money with distinct character in abundance.


Front sub-frame was rusted and almost broke. It was welded for £50.

New battery.

Rear trailing arm bearings replaced. This improved comfort no ends.

Leaking radiator replaced with second-hand one. No serious leaks now.

Car refused to go due to water in gasoline. Regular fuel top-up and spark cleaning rectified this.

Hand brake cables renewed.

General Comments:

The car was imported from Germany in 1997 in perfect condition, with only 70 000 km on the clock. Previous owner managed to spoil looks and performance somewhat by carrying heavy and dirty loads and lack of care.

Magnificent metallic gray paint-work with black side strips almost like new, body virtually rust-free.

Perfect car for the big family, like mine.

E trim is too spartan (e.g. no rear wiper/washer). Leader tartan seats are very good looking, hard to wear and comfortable.

Early model - specific spare parts are now hard to find even at scrap yards.

Dashboard satellites need some time to get used to, but very ergonomic.

Dashboard PVC plastic is prone to breaking.

Flawless highway cruiser with zero fatigue and low consumption. Not good about town consumption-wise.

No power steering requires lot of muscle during parking.

Skilled mechanics are hard to find outside big cities.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2002

1986 Citroen BX 19RD 1.9 diesel from Australia and New Zealand


Devoted enthusiast will find it to be rewarding, but high maintainence


Hydro-pneumatic suspension has a habit of leaking expensive liquid hydraulic mineral fluid.

Clutch seized at 160,000 miles.

Dash has discoloured due to harsh Australian Sun.

Interior trim plastic very flimsy.

Clutch cable snapped.

Worn synchromesh on second gear.

Worn wheel bearing on right hand side.

Flat battery.

General Comments:

This car was personally imported from Britain by the original owner. This model being a diesel is extremely rare in this country and to my knowledge, is the only one in Australia.

It has absolutely no rust as it zinc coated and galvanized in crucial areas.

Parts are fairly easy to obtain.

Citroens are considered quite a rarity on Australian roads, and always spark up a conversation with curious onlookers.

Ride and comfort are unbelievable for a car of this vintage. The seats are a model of excellence, being sculpted to fit the human body. The choice of wool-blend cloth which adorns them was not quite as logical.

The car Rides and Handles extremely well, and can rival many modern luxury cars. However, as the car has aged the hydro-pneumatic suspension system has often proved to be a burden. Perished hoses create leaks and must be checked constantly, or the ever important (and expensive) fluid utilised by the power steering, suspension and brakes which be lost.

The car is fairly reliable and the engine is as strong as an ox. acceleration is good for a diesel car. Remarkable fuel efficiency is a major plus.

Idiosyncratic nature may prove to be too much for some.

I am pleased with this car, but it is strictly for the enthusiast as it will test both your patience and bank balance.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2002

1986 Citroen BX RD 1.7 from UK and Ireland


Normal replacement parts.

General Comments:

This car covered 280,000 miles, no work was done on the engine. It never broke down, it never failed to start.

The car was serviced by myself.

I only sold it because my wife refused to drive it, because it was starting to look very sorry for itself.

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Review Date: 18th September, 1999

1986 Citroen BX 19RD 1.9 diesel from UK and Ireland


Many suspension problems from 60,000 miles onward, dead battery at 83,000. Interior disintegrated around 50,000 miles. Rear screen demister failed at 20,000. Back brakes keep seizing.

General Comments:

A good car let down by bad build quality. Engine is superb - no problems at all and quite fast once it picks up speed. Designed for motorway rather than city driving. Non-assisted steering heavy, mk.1 interior great design, but seat covers have disintegrated, and the car in general looks tatty for its mileage (88,000 miles).

Major suspension problems, spheres replaced every year for the past three years, now need replacing again. Ride wonderful when suspension works, but very bumpy when it goes wrong.

Citroen dealers hopeless, even when the car was new. Have tried eight of them since the car was bought, all are totally incompetent.

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Review Date: 10th November, 1998