18th Feb 2008, 13:54

I agree, for the money, it's the best new car in the world! Especially with crippling fuel costs. Our insurance for a year, for 2 people under age 25 covered fully comprehensive was only £200!! 50mpg fuel economy at its worst, and low maintenance. This is the future of cheap fun motoring.

26th Feb 2008, 13:22

Another daft made-up review! It is not possible to activate the horn when moving off from standstill or putting the car into reverse unless you actually press it! Learn the basics of vehicle wiring before posting such ridiculous comments! Secondly, even if you did drive this car, does a few days use as a courtesy car qualify you to write a proper review on it?

You might think that it's a car for pensioners, but given your review, I suspect that you're a 17yr old schoolboy, frustrated that daddy has bought you a C1 instead of a chavvy Saxo VTR. The C1, like the old 2CV, is a cheap, functional vehicle, and is priced and sells accordingly.

29th Mar 2008, 12:35

I've had my C1 for just under a year. As a younger driver, I find this car ideal. I completely disagree with your review, on the basis that you have only 'owned' a C1 as a courtesy car, so haven't got a good view of it.

Sure, you can get models without central locking and electric windows, but if that's going to be a problem to you, you'd simply buy the better version.

The car is perfectly stable and well-handling on country roads, and holds it's own well on a motorway (provided you aren't one of the loons that travel in excess of 90mph).

As for the price, £7500 for a brand new car is a good deal really; the only thing cheaper is that new Tata Nano (and lets face it, that's hardly a well-designed car!)

I'll probably add my own, less biased review at some point, so I won't ramble on too much here about how wrong your view on the car is :D.


30th Mar 2008, 12:09

Firstly, this was only my opinion of the car back then, I did in fact have the car again in November 2007 when an uninsured driver crashed into my car at high speed, totally writing it off. This was a 2 year old Audi A3 Sport that DADDY sadly didn't buy as I am a 22 year old that can afford my own car.

I had the car for 4 weeks while it went to court and so on and to tell the truth I did really like it. I must admit for being such a small engine it does keep up with most cars on the road but I still feel unsafe in it, but that's just me. Got £9k from the insurance and got myself a BMW Z4 in Feb. Had problem after problem with it and today the roof failed to close, so maybe, the cheaper the car, the better.

20th Apr 2008, 17:38

I have used a C1 over winter for the commute to work and found it ideal for the job. In many ways it was better than my normal drive (Civic type R FN Series). The power of the car kept the driving entertaining and my licence safe.

13th May 2008, 14:47

I am a driving school instructor and an advanced driver. I have purchased a C1 for my driving school for the following reasons:

1) value for money (mine cost me £5750).

2) economy brilliant on fue--I had a merc A class before and this is just so much better.

3) how much could I see from a learners point of view? All-round visibility is brilliant.

In fact, since I had bought the car in Febuary, I have covered 13,000 trouble free miles, and let's be honest; learner drivers' don't really care about the instructor's car.

So my advice; buy it. It's great to drive (very nippy) will do 50mph in second gear a really good car.

And before I became a driving school instructor, I worked for Mercedes, Citroen Nissan, Kia, Suzki and Chrysler; so I might just know a thing or two!

25th May 2008, 05:25

I've owned my Caldera black C1 diesel from new and as it had been pre-registered by the agent, I only paid £7,395 on the road.

Most reviewers slate the diesel as being too noisy and too costly over the petrol version, but how does 92mpg sound?

The C1 is a light car weighing just over 800Kg and with very light, sensitive power steering and wheels at every corner of the vehicle its very drivable around country lanes and through city traffic.

Diesel at the pumps (I know) had become far more expensive than petrol, for the main reason that last year over 47% of new cars sold in Britain were diesel, and the trend is set to increase further.

On a full brimmed tank of fuel, the digital fuel gauge does not start moving until 226miles have passed, and even then it takes another 70miles for the next digit to change.

This is one very fuel efficient vehicle, and in recent independent tests, has returned in excess of 100mpg (but expect 75 in normal driving).

Everything about my car is fun-oriented; comfortable seating, excellent riding over most surfaces due to Citroens input, and very tall gearing designed for outright economy.

As the diesel is only available in Rhythm trim, you get everything you need, including central locking, electric windows, etc.

The central locking on my C1 is so sensitive it can be operated from over 100m away which is handy.

Next years road tax, unlike vertually every other car, will be reduced from the already low £35 to £20 (which is less than half a tank of fuel).

My only complaint about my C1 is that Citroen did not install the start/stop facility, like its larger brother, the C2. This (it is claimed) can improve fuel economy even further.

Now let us see if I can top 100 TO THE GALLON: HERE GOES.

20th Nov 2009, 20:15

I am about to purchase a Citroen C1, and reading these reviews has confirmed my research of the vehicle, and I can't wait to join the club. Motoring used to be fun years ago, and I am looking forward to enjoying the experience again, instead of adopting the normal gloomy face as petrol prices increase along with all other motoring costs. The people who are still courted by the gas guzzling status symbols, which are quickly becoming as anti social as smoking, are a thing of the past. Also those silly 4 x 4 vehicles that have never seen any off road use surely must be the ultimate folly and an indication of total self insecurity. Great reviews.