2005 Citroen C2 VTR 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Despite the problems I really like the car, dealership service dept has been exceptional


Sensodrive extremely jerky

Sometimes can't decided what gear it should be in especially on hills

Noise from brakes when reversing

Seat covers poorly fitted

Creaking drivers seat

Loose and marked trim.

General Comments:

Had GT model before extremely pleased with it (except for noisy brakes in reverse!) bought VTR for the higher spec and sensodrive.

VTR been back to dealership 4 times with faults, Sensodrive better now, but sometimes still hesitant about what gear to be in, not reassuring when pulling out onto busy round-a-bout!

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Review Date: 18th August, 2005

5th Sep 2005, 09:36

I can't find any faults with mine, if it is hesitating just use the paddles.

8th Nov 2005, 08:49

Cheap little c2 cars are such poor quality.

8th Dec 2005, 13:06

The french's attempt to recreate german excellence, can't be good.

13th Oct 2006, 23:48

I have recently purchased an 05 C2 VTR in Australia and so far have had no problems. As far as I can see it's a great little performer and seems solidly built.

Have a mechanic look at it before purchase if its used or get it from the dealer. Don't worry about the scaremongering and use the paddles!

2005 Citroen C2 Furio Ministry of Sound 1.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


Eye-catching sporty car for little cash


So far I am happy to report that there are no faults with the car.

The clutch does seem to have an imprecise feel when changing gear and accelerating.

General Comments:

Overall the car is great. It looks and drives fantastic, and as the car is the Ministry of Sound model, the stereo quality is excellent.

For a 1.4 8v, the car is surprising quick, and so far it is returning about 35mpg.

The car is insurance group 4, which makes for low insurance bills.

The interior looks very sporty with the seats and the digital dash display.

However, the overall quality of the cars interior is average.

There are not many other cars that look this good for the money.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2005

1st Dec 2006, 03:53

Russ, buy the Toyota or any other Japanese small car. Buy anything, but a Citroen. Trust me on this.

17th Dec 2006, 15:13

If you have £10000 plus yeh buy one if you want to save £3000 and have a good little car buy the citroen.