2009 Citroen C2 VTR 1.1 TU1A from UK and Ireland


Low cost, reliable and very practical


When new:

Slight cabin rattle was fixed by rebuilding the rear interior.

Rain water leak from rear jet nozzle was permanently repaired by carefully applying silicon sealant.

Passenger side front anti-roll bar drop link rod was found broken at the second hand dealership during the test drive, and the dealer installed a replacement new part.

Over time:

Engine rocker cover bolt and sump pan bolts torqued up; oil wetting around those areas completely cured it.

Passenger side drive shaft outer dust cover came off. Was fixed by putting in a new circular clip.

Passenger side wheel bearing was making a small noise, and the wheel had a little lateral free play when the car was jacked up to check; this was fixed by replacing the wheel bearing.

Rear silencer bracket rusted off and it was replaced by an eBay purchase.

General Comments:

The 1.1 litre capacity TU1A engine is a proven mechanical descendent of the TU1JP. It has a SOHC 8V cross-flow cylinder head with roller cam follower to reduce friction and increase reliability.

The hydraulic (non-cable) clutch actuator is smooth and light.

ABS and BAS brake, electronic throttle, user selectable speed warning beep.

Electric power steering is an on-demand system, as opposed to a hydraulic power steering pump that constantly zaps power from the engine.

The dual cable gear shift totally decouples the shift lever from the "outside world".

The electronics on the TU1A engine have an integrated ignition coil pack, multi-point sequential port injection, electronic "drive-by-wire" throttle and EU emissions control (pre- and aft- cat NOX sensors).

The suspension is well tuned, and frame rigidity is high. There are 16V 1.6 litre variants of the Citroen C2, therefore the frame is capable of handling much higher power levels than the 1.1L engine - a plus point when compared to other small cars, where no significantly higher output engine variants are offered.

Listed in the handbook, the service interval is 20000 miles, and for each engine oil change, only 3 litres are needed.

51 MPG fuel economy.

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Review Date: 31st December, 2014