26th Oct 2004, 23:32

I am the writer of the review. the fault was due to the rear handbrake not releasing fully I was told. I've still had no probs since.

14th Dec 2004, 13:38

I brought my C2 Gt in march and I am really impressed with the car as a whole. My car also had the annoying noisy back brakes, but they seem to have become more quiet with time.

22nd Dec 2004, 09:11

I have owned a GT since May. It has been very reliable though I too had a problem with noise from the brakes when reversing. This was cured with a trip to the dealer.

The car is very enjoyable to drive and the performance is adequate though not 'blistering' but with the current purge on motorists in general and speeding in particular, this may not be a bad thing!!

3rd Jan 2005, 08:25

I have only had my C2 GT since December and have had problems with the remote central locking not responding all the time. I have fitted an aftermarket stereo, has anyone else suffered any similar problems.

22nd Feb 2005, 16:36

I have also fitted a stereo to my C2 GT which seems to have caused issues with the central locking. My dealer suggested that the factory radio completes the loom linked to the alarm and locking. I think the only way to rectify it is to go to the dealer who can replace the loom.

26th May 2005, 14:15

I bought my C2 GT in July 04, my dealer let me take the car on the delivery day, but informed me of the recall for the rear brakes, they were fixed next day. I was also warned that I should only allow Citroen to fit an aftermarket stereo otherwise I could damage the electrics (which would invalidate the warranty).

1st Feb 2006, 17:59

It is possible to get an ISO block (couple of quid) which will sort this problem. The dealer should sell you one, although they might prefer to charge you for fitting the stereo.