2010 Citroen C3 Picasso Airdream 1.6 HDI turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Small on the outside, big on the inside



General Comments:

Great space for a small car, it has the footprint of a supermini, but up close and inside, feels very big and roomy.

I think it looks very smart, but I think looks may not be to everyone's taste.

Lots of good technology on board to help make it a nice place to be.

1.6 90hp diesel engine feels punchy, revs very low, about 2100rpm at 75 for relaxed driving, but has a bit of poke when needed.

Great van like driving position; much nicer than a conventional car, as you have great visibility.

Very cheap to run, however 12k service intervals are a bit poor, many other similar cars have 20k service intervals.

Build quality feels great, but still for some reason does not feel built to last, only time will tell with this one.

All in all, so far, a great car, very pleased with it, it's the same money as a standard supermini, but is so much more of a car in lots of ways.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2010

6th Mar 2013, 15:50

As my previous cars were Xsara Picassos, I would describe its replacement, the C3, as being big on the outside, small on the inside. All the storage space is a token gesture, and some would say a joke. The steering and brakes are excellent, the ride is not bad, but there's no proper spare wheel.

It's a poor attempt as a replacement for an excellent car. Citroen have shot themselves in the foot on this model. I expect a lot of remodels coming out each year to encourage sales.

19th May 2013, 02:31

A lot of people comment on how the C3 Picasso is not a good replacement for the Xsara Picasso due to it being smaller. The C4 Picasso is the replacement. The C3 Picasso is a smaller car, so it's never going to be as big inside.

The C3 Pic is still very spacious though for its size, and in my opinion they've got the ride and handling spot on. I think it's a great all rounder.