13th Feb 2006, 14:48


First of all, I am from Egypt, where Citroen unfortunately doesn't enjoy a good reputation. I believe this was because of the locally assembled Xsara, which was a bad car, but for the C4, this is a totally different story :

My brother has a brand new one, bought 2 months ago, and I have been with him on both short and long journeys : The car is definitely very comfortable and quite. That was the main reason he bought it for,so I don't agree at all with the above comment when it comes to comfort.

I agree with it when it says that German Cars are better that the French, but I guess it is just a matter of repetitions. French cars became these days as almost reliable as the German ones, they even out score them when it comes to style..

What I like most about that C4 is that it has really something "New".. think of it : what does any other car in its class adds?!

The style of the C4, internally and externally, is like no other car it its class.. I watched carefully our friends impressions when they first got in, most of them said : "wow.. this is a space ship!".. a couple of minutes later.. the quality of the materials is highly admired..

For me.. this car is among the best choices..

8th Jun 2006, 18:54

The mk 4 golf has cruddy plastics though yeah its put together well. Well I suppose it is put together well, but it's not as great as people make out it is.

But the feel of everything is rather hard, not the nice soft material type plastic the C4 has where its all nice to touch. You press down on the C4 dash and its soft like material. You do that in a golf its solid cheaper feeling plastic.

I even have a friend who has a mk4 and he says the materials and build quality in my C4 feel better than his golf.