4th Jun 2006, 03:12

I love the car, but my glove-box is stuck too. After reading a couple of comments about the glove-box being stuck and non-regular parts being on back order, I might google a solution instead >:-)

8th Jun 2006, 18:58

Your saying the C3 feels better put together than a C4...are you a little crazy? :D.

Drove one recently, it was so cheap feeling, horrible hard cheap plastics, not the nice soft materials in the C4.

And if your little pockets get stuck open, just basically yank on them, and pull them out and put them back in. Yhere will be a small roll of metal which you clip into the back of the drawer, then align it on all the runners. Should fix any problems like that. I know because I had a little too much change in mine - managed to fall down the back and stop the drawer from closing. Just pull it out. Never know, might be a similar thing happened to yours. And then the coin has moved over the few days.

9th Jun 2006, 10:01

My glove box got stuck, but it was because one of the hinges had come out slightly, due to me slamming it. Basically my own fault, not that of the car. I should have been a little more gentle.

But after wiggling it about a bit, I eventually got it open again. It did feel like it was gonna break, but it's not bothered me since though.

And the little coin drawers getting stuck; just pull them out. It's just a case of pulling them forward, then making sure no coins have got stuck behind it and are working their way loose; that's why mine could not close. Then just put the metal spring back on the drawer, and line it back up and close it again. It will take a bit of pressure to close though.

Hope it will help some of you though.

16th Jun 2006, 01:31

Re comment on 8 June: My C4 seems to be a much better car now that I have driven it for many more miles since 14 Mar, and the little bugs have been ironed out by the dealer. The car is now faultless, and seems to run better the more I drive it, and to be fair I agree with you now that it is better built than the C3. Thankyou for the tip on my jammed coin pocket, there was a coin stuck down there!!,

The C3 is a good functional car for getting round town, but the C4 is a must have for long distance travelling.

24th Jun 2006, 07:55

I had recently decided to buy a C4 SX. Visited many showrooms and looked at them all in envy till I noticed on the used C4's that the drivers seat on one of the SX models was fraying - in one case an unbelievable amount. I pointed this out to a salesman who said someone must have had something in there pockets to cause this, but after that, first thing I looked for on every SX was the drivers seat and could not believe it!! almost every one was the same or showing signs of wear. This was just cars I looked at in my area and wondered how many of you out there have noticed the same fault. This put me off buying a SX and I am now awaiting delivery of a VTR plus. I think the car is stunning and the level of equipment cannot be beaten for price by Ford and Vauxhall. I was going to buy a Astra till I drove it, it was so boring, not that good looking(5 door), then I saw the C4 and what it had to offer. Can't wait for it to arrive.