4th Jun 2010, 12:26

I own both a 1.6 HDi C4 and a 1.6 TDCI Focus.

The Focus is awful compared to the C4. It has small, ill fitting seats which make the hard ride even worse. The C4's armchairs and comfortable ride alone make it the car of choice.

The C4 will easily do 60mpg. The lower geared Focus struggles to make 50 mpg.

The Focus has had several unscheduled off the road days for minor complaints (bits falling off, weird electrical faults, squealing brakes, dodgy rear door electrics). The C4 has only had regular servicing.

The paint work on the silver Ford is weak and shows up every minor scratch and blemish. The C4 polishes up nicely, though the Resolfen wheels are a pig to clean.

The Focus gearbox may have tight selection, but it's no better than the C4's.

The C4's dash is daring and the central display is fine - remember everyone see how fast you're driving. The Focus's dash is complete mess of analogue, LED and LCD. The Focus's trip computer is so poor it never gets used.

The C4 has electric windows all round; the Focus only has them at the front and there is no one-touch facility.

Closing the Focus's boot will nearly break your wrist the first time you close it; the Citroën's closes gently.

As for dealers, my local Citroën dealer wins every time, is willing to pay attention to detail and doesn't change ownership and location every year.

Of course the Focus lovers will shout me down, but then they'd never buy a Citroën, would they?

24th Jul 2012, 16:27

Owned a Focus, and in reply to all who say that Ford gearboxes are the best in the world, all I can say is it's not true.

The Citroen gear box is far superior, and doesn't appear sloppy when changing gear quickly, and is smoother on kick up and kick down.