17th Jan 2003, 10:45

My 2001 2.2 HDi first showed the "Anti-Pollution Fault" caption, together with a change to the "get-you-home" limited engine power condition, last summer (2002) and eventually required 4 visits to the dealer before it was finally resolved; on each of the 3 previous visits, the fault re-occurred between 1 and 10 days after the car was returned. The dealer and Citroen UK seemed to be changing items at random, until a faulty item was finally discovered, changed, and the fault has not reappeared in 4 months.

In general, I love the car; it has the space and power to make our summer holidays camping with a large trailer-tent a doddle, and is fantastically comfortable. The only down-side is the fuel consumption (stated as 44.1 mpg combined) which is rarely better than 40 mpg even with gentle driving.

13th Mar 2003, 22:02

I had the "Anti-Pollution Fault" showing. The problem was solved when the ignition coil was replaced.

6th Apr 2003, 17:19

I took delivery of a 2.2HDi SX estate 3 weeks ago. I'm really impressed by the comfort and quiet, but I've also noted a sensitivity to side winds. No problems as yet.

Interesting to note the fuel consumption on a 2.2HDi. I've had mine for 3 weeks, and I am getting 37/38 mpg with reasonably steady driving, mixing short motorway stetches with A roads.

The computer calculation agrees with the odometer and pump readings. I was expecting 40 mpg as a minimum. The car has only done 4000 miles. Do more experienced diesel owners expect mpg to improve as the car gets more run-in? Or are my expectations too high?

7th May 2003, 12:25

I have a C5 Exclusive SE 3L v6 automatic bought new on 1st September 2001. I have had problems with the battery which I have replaced, it never fully recovered after it was accidentally left to run down once.

I had the automatic gear jam (apparently this was subject of a recall).

I have also had the car in twice once in Feb 2003 once again today 7th May 2003 to fix the Anti-Pollution system faulty message. The solution appears to be a replacement of the "coils" apparently there are 6 of these things and on my car 2 coils "next to each other" have failed. The car misfires badly and struggles to get up a hill when this problem presents itself.

From the look of this website and others it would seem this anti-pollution system faulty problem is becoming a common fault.

9th Mar 2008, 04:01

Hi, I have a C5 SLX 2.0 16v petrol with automatic gear box. I am very pleased with my car, the only problem is while riding in town it's not economical at all and I have to shift to the manual mode in order to save a bit. Overall its OK!! Thanks!

28th Jun 2008, 00:27

If you change the coils yourself, the easy to access coils on the V6 are a doodle to change and cost about 50 bucks.

You can test which one is misfiring by taking off the connecting wire and see if the revs drop. Problem is if it is the back 3 coils. Then you need to take off the inlet manifold.

Anyone know how to do this?

2nd Nov 2008, 15:13

Yup, we have a 2001 V6 and have had to have ALL six blasted coils replaced, as after the first 3, they recommended doing the remainder.

The 'anti pollution' fault preceded all of this. Very disappointing when added to the rotted exhaust back box (all £1000 of it) ; steering box replacement (dumped its oil) ; anti roll bar replacement (snapped clean off) ; tyre gobbling appetite and electrics which go AWOL at any sniff of moisture (fun to have the car think its -3 degrees in mid summer).

Gasp, why do we still own it.