21st Oct 2010, 08:49

I have a 2002 C5 2.2 l HDi. Love it. No problem with most electrics. Radio is a known bug, the diagnosis says antenna, but it is a ghost fault. Rear suspension rattles. Apparently it is the brake caliper that cause this in some models. Door locks die? Go to a breakers yard and DIY... it's easy! 30 minutes work and cheap (20€). Air pollution came on once, drove for 10 minutes, and restarted engine. The problem has gone...

Comfort... oh yes! Funny sensation that the car doesn't tilt like other cars on sharp bends. Fuel consumption is great for such a big car. The lights flicker a bit, but the older BX did the same. Caused by wiring matrix. I don't like the delay for the high beam, same on ALL PSA cars.

A bit quirky on slippery twisty roads, but so are BMWs!

Generally, very happy (touch wood!) and will probably buy the new version (post 2008).

11th Nov 2011, 05:21

I have 2003 C5 exclusive with the colour sat nav screen and Clarion radio. Very similar faults to those you have noted. I tried a replacement radio unit (albeit secondhand), and that still plays up too. It will go several weeks with no problems, and then suddenly AM won't work, or AM works and FM doesn't. It will jump from preset to preset. Sometimes all the presets will have the same dodgy foreign station tuned in. The CD changer sometimes doesn't work, or will change CD's half way through a song.

The sat nav is also affected. Screen disappears and resets and gives error message "temperature too high, navigation may be faulty"! Nice one Citroen! I am currently running the sat nav with radio removed; obviously can't hear it, but it does seem to work...

All very odd, and no-one at Citroen has a clue!