28th Nov 2006, 01:29

I bought a 2001 C5 Exclusive SE 3.0 litre with 6000 miles on it and drove it until a couple of weeks ago when with 85,000 it blew a rear exhaust box. Replacement was just ove £900 so I decided it was time to cut and run as the car was worth only £2000.

I like others found the car great in most respects, but less than ideally reliable. That said, it only let me down completely once and failed to start and then eventually recovered with no fault ever being detected! I believe it picked up a signal from another vehicle. My experience includes 3 coils (they are designed to last the life of the car!), one replacement door lock (but another failing periodically), two steering wheels blistering (the third had just started), various erroneous messages and the odd fault that corrected itself (e.g. once the satnav screen remained blank for a day and then recovered!) and several bouts of squeaky brakes. The 80,000 mile timing belt service cost £850! The dealer was next to perfect - always helpful and often at short notice.

So I've replaced the car. After some considerable investigation I've bought a new look C5 but chosen the 2.2 diesel (10 months old). Reputedly, it is much more reliable. Too early to say. However, the car IS quite different with improved suspension, better road-holding, some extra toys and more lively around town than the 3.0 litre!

I looked at a number of cars - can't fit three in the back comfortably, CD changers in the boot, can't get feet under front seats when sitting in back reducing leg room, etc. I just couldn't beat it.

7th Jan 2007, 11:05

I have a Citroen C5 2.2HDi Exclusive on 52 plate & mileage of 26k miles. It has the following electrical faults : passenger window drops 15cm when auto wiper mode is selected, rear window will not open, driver heated seat does not work, Heater controller failed and Satnav display suffers interference - would like to switch it off! Otherwise the car is comfortable and a pleasure to drive. However I will not buy another Citroen.

1st May 2008, 05:31

I drive a 2001 C5 2.0 HDI estate, bought 3 years ago with 90,000 miles on the clock. It now has in excess of 212,000 miles, but I honestly cannot say they have been completely trouble free.

The tailgate window worked as it was supposed to for about a week, and then gave up; no amount of trying to fool the electronic catch worked.

The clutch started slipping at 140,000, so needed to be replaced, but in fairness, was still the original.

At 160,000, I experienced the "charge fault" mentioned in the top post, which was the alternator; £85 for 150amp and was good as new.

167,000 miles, fuel pressure regulator failed. £450 later after diagnostics and repair, it was as good as gold again.

At 209,000 miles the speedometer stopped working (intermittent) although mileage is still recorded. A potential £500 for either the speedo head/cluster or the BSI, so seriously considering the car's future, but nothing comes close for load lugging, comfort, towing and interior space, especially in road tax band C!

Yes, when it goes wrong it is spectacular, but count the cost for 121,000 miles and 3 years (not including normal service items), and a sense of rationality returns. I love mine, but can't help thinking that I'm the only one!

10th Oct 2009, 08:50

I purchased a 2004 C5 2.0 litre Automatic in 2005 with 45,000 kms on the clock and a further 3 years warranty and maintenance plan. During the warranty period the agents replaced the brake pads (they squeaked constantly), the suspension cones and re-programmed the computer.

The service costs from the agents were lower than the BMW 318 iS Automatic I had previously and only every 30,000 kms against every 20,000kms.

As stated, the ride quality is amazing (and we have major potholes here in South Africa) and so is the space in this car. Fuel consumption is also amazingly low.

I have done over 80,000 kms now and apart from the computer picking up a fault on the gearbox, which required the replacement of 2 electro valves, this car has been wonderful!

I would never hesitate in getting another Citroen C5. I live in South Africa, but my car was assembled in Slough in the U.K.

30th Sep 2014, 08:47

It's called the Citroen bug. You either hate 'em or love 'em.