1980 Citroen CX Tissier Ambulance 2.5 TD1 from Finland


Perfect hobby, beautiful and practical


Injector pump turbo pressure control unit failed (common fault).

Speedometer failed (common problem).

There were many things wrong with the car in the beginning, which is normal for a half million kilometers driven car. These problems appeared after an almost complete rebuild.

General Comments:

This car takes attention everywhere!

Handles like it is on rails.

Cabin is comfortable for four + a dog.

Rear compartment is roomy!!

Brakes are superb.

I bought it from France and drove it to Finland. First I did minor repairs to pass the Finnish MOT. Then I took the body off the chassis. The driving head, which was a 25D -80 CX Berline, was dropped off, and I installed a TRDTurbo -85 to the replace rusty and collided 25D.

This car is fabulous to drive, and as comfortable as a CX can be. The car can take 1000kgs of load, and you can put everything you want into the rear compartment.

My wife did not like the car at the beginning, but she has changed her mind.

Everywhere we go, we see people take their mobile phones to take a photograph.

The Tissier part of the car is strongly built, and it uses Citroen components in a wise manner. The rear chassis is made of 3-4mm thick steel ladders, and there are four separate suspension arms + anti roll bars.

It's a big car to handle, but despite rear axles that are 1m apart, it corners quite easily.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 14th July, 2012