1986 Citroen CX 25 GTi Turbo 2 2.5 turbo petrol from Finland


The best car I have owned


Charger was defect.

Rear suspension spheres were defect.

General Comments:

Wonderfully sublime ride.

Best driving car I have ever had, even in hazardous winter conditions.

Great soft cushioned seats.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2006

1986 Citroen CX 22TRS 2.2 from UK and Ireland


This is cheap luxury GT motoring


Front tyre blow out at 60mph on Dual Carriageway.

Battery replaced.£ 30.00.

Starter motor failed, replacement cost £80.00.

Needed extensive under-body welding.

General Comments:

Car is used on a daily basis, covering about 100 miles per week at a cost of 4/5 galls of unleaded fuel, but in the comfort of a Jaguar/Mercedes.

How many cars have an illuminated ignition switch or warning of rear bulb failure?

Ride is superb.

Steering a life saver.

Heating is lacking on very cold day's.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2003

1986 Citroen CX 25 GTi 2.5 litre petrol from Spain


A truly special car with outstanding comfort


Rust problems, especially on the sunroof area and the tailgate.

Electrical connections and wiring, mainly in the injection and ignition systems, and radiator fans, causing poor running. Inspecting and cleaning them is a real must!

ABS light comes on (check connections and relays before buying other parts for the system).

Hydraulic fluid leaks.

Parking brake needs regular adjustments.

General Comments:

Ultra-comfortable, elegant ride as a consequence of its interior silence, exclusive suspension and steering and regal leather interior.

Main engine and gearbox parts extremely strong, keep an eye on the fluid levels and they can go on virtually forever!

Tensioning the air flow meter spring can sometimes improve the way the engine runs.

Powerful brakes, although they're a bit strange to use at first for people not used to big Citroens.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2001

1986 Citroen CX GTi 2.5 petrol from UK and Ireland


Underrated but thirsty work of art


Nothing expensive, you do tend to replace parts on a CX before they become a problem mainly out of paranoia.. most hydraulic faults were due to lack of servicing by previous owners.. engines have unusually high torque and could tow a train!!!

General Comments:

Loves motorways.

Excellent ride quality.

Variable power steering is a gem.

Bit of a barge around narrow country lanes.

Pininfarina inspired styling (same prototype as the Rover SD1)

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2001

16th Aug 2010, 17:55

I think you got a couple of facts wrong re designs.

Pininfarina did do a very similar car design to the CX in the late 60's for BMC (I had a Matchbox toy one as a child) - This design was a proposal for the the 1800 'Landcrab' replacement.

Foolishly, BMC didn't go ahead with the Pininfarina proposal, and decided their own thing in house - idiots!

I think Citroen poached the concept shape of the Pininfarina concept.

The BMC result was the Austin/Morris/ Wolseley Princess series. Not as elegant, but not especially ugly.

The Rover SD1 was designed by David Bach, who was one of Rover's top designers. His elegant SD1 design, something of a classic now, took inspiration from the Ferrari Daytona.

Archive photos of the mock ups and prototypes, show the two cars parked side by side at the time for comparison and appraisal. The SD1 was a rival of the CX.

Sadly, the SD1 & Princess were plagued with problems, especially on the series one cars, as the company had seriously dismal quality control & appalling industrial disputes in the 70's, which all but bankrupted the company.

At its peak in the 60's, BMC was one of the most innovative and largest car manufacturers in the world.

How times have changed!...

1986 Citroen CX 25 GTi Automatic 2.5 injection from Netherlands


Very smooth and comfortable daily driver


Repairs until now:

Electronics (cooling fan wiring, fuel pump wiring, flywheel sensors) are not too good. Best to check the condition of the wiring regularly and clean the connectors.

Further: Wear in rear trailing arm bearings.

General Comments:

+: Smooth, fast and very comfortable. Spacious. Good sound dampening. Beautiful styling. Cheap insurance as the car is a classic. Running costs low and car is mechanically very reliable.

-: Fuel efficiency moderate. Electronics suffer from wiring corrosion. Older cars suffer from corrosion of the doors and bootlid. Some parts may be difficult to obtain and one needs a specialised workshop that knows what they are doing and that doesn't charge a fortune for a repair.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2000