1988 Citroen CX Prestige 2.5 liter gas from North America


A spacecraft for the street


During the time I have owned it, I have replaced just about everything that can wear or rust out except for the engine and trans-axle.

The CX has 2 weak points; the electrical system (more specifically the myriad of connections that corrode and the strange location of critical relays that subjects them to dirt and moisture) AND.

The cooling system. I have to store the car from mid July through the first week in September because it overheats.

General Comments:

The ride is incredible. Once you are used to hydropneumatics, it is almost painful to ride in a car with springs.

The variable assist, self-centering steering is fantastic and inspires confidence in all weather - especially snow and rain.

Brakes are powerful. The best way to use them is to put your toe on the pedal and just think about how fast you need to stop.

The interior is huge and I can fit a lawn mower in the trunk with the lid closed.

The styling always turns heads.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2006

7th Dec 2006, 05:46

I OWNED six CX,gas, diesel, automatic, turbo, prestige, carbu and injection. I have neither had overheating problems. They came as on other cars from bad treatment.

29th Apr 2009, 11:51

Probably the radiator needs cleaning or replacement. Try to clean it with soda first...

29th Jul 2009, 20:18

I've read that the thermostats age quickly and gradually reduce effect, so that is just offered as a possible reason.

1988 Citroen CX 25 TRI Break 2.5 petrol from Netherlands


You will probably spend more money on it than is wise, but you won't mind!


The starter has been replaced.

The alternator has been replaced.

New parts have been welded into rusty parts of the chassis.

The temperature sensor of the cooling system malfunctioned, leading to temperatures of up to 113 degrees Celsius (!).

The suspension system once was damaged, leading to the loss of all suspension fluid, preventing us to drive home from holidays.

The hinges of the back door have been replaced.

The air conditioning no longer functions, in spite of a repair.

General Comments:

Over the past ten years my wife and I have become attached to the car. Particularly on the highway it is a very comfortable car, driving for two hours at 120 km/hr does not lead to any fatigue at all! Driving at 180 km/hr is a bit disappointing, only the engine becomes louder (and consumes more fuel), without any further signs of high velocity in the handling characteristics of the car. Superb!!

Going on holidays is what this car is made for. Loading everything you need, without any puzzling what to put where, and off you go. With a heavy load the car sticks to the road like glue.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2002

1988 Citroen CX GTi Turbo 2 2.5 turbo petrol from UK and Ireland


Once in a lifetime experience


Split hydraulic hose (low-pressure feed to the HP pump).

Rear tyres tended to go down to 0 psi without it being apparent.

Metric size tyres are agonisingly expensive (250 quid a wheel).

Front foglights (mounted in the plastic bumper/airdam) were corroded away.

Muffler shows it needs replacing due to internal corrosion by banging on the bodywork!

General Comments:

Absolutely stunning car, if and only if you have a very friendly INDEPENDENT Citroen mechanic to look after it for you. Don't take them to Citroen garages.

Fastest car across bad roads I have ever encountered: massive mid-range torque - this is a turbo *pushrod* engine remember - and superb soft suspension make it astoundingly good.

Lots of foibles. Steering is ultra-sharp, and no matter what happens to the front wheels your hand stays steady - the power assistance makes this certain. Come to a stop a T junction and leave the wheel turned, and it will force the front wheels to straight-ahead. Brake pedal has no travel: it works from the amount of pressure you put on it. Gorgeous seats, huge headroom. Needs oil-changes every 3,000 miles, and synthetic oil at that.

If you want an eccentric, enormously fast, cleverly engineered car, and you know you have a first-rate specialist mechanic in reach, get one of these incredible things. I'm thinking of buying mine back...

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Review Date: 28th February, 2001

1988 Citroen CX 25 GTi 2.5 injection from Sweden


Very nice car for little money


High CO + high fuel consumption. Flickering ABS-warning light.

General Comments:

+: Smooth, quiet ride. Sufficient power. Spacious. Luxury equipped. Nice shape. No problem with high mileage. Trusty mechanics. Reliable. Not attractive to car-thieves.

-: Sensitive to rust. Expensive to repair if you don't find the right workshop (avoid Citroen-dealers). Sophisticated technology which scares many non-citroenist (including workshops). High fuel-consumption.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2000

1988 Citroen CX Break 2200 from Luxembourg


Cheap to get and very comfy


Clutch, aircon.

General Comments:

Reliable every day driver, with oodles of space. Forget the electronic thingies, though. That is definitely not the forte of the French.

Find a good CX specialist, who is not a Citroen garage, in that case costs are quite reasonable.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2000