1990 Citroen CX 25 TRI 2.5 petrol from UK and Ireland


A very understated car, comfortable and advanced, let down by build quality


The wiring is fairly horrendous. It's a real shame because the car deserves better quality electrics.

Occasionally, the car doesn't start because of a faulty "park" sensor on the gear stick.

Even though it's one of the last ones made, the rot is starting to set in, the tailgate being the worst area. It's a shame BMW or Mercedes didn't make the car.

General Comments:

Although I've listed the above faults, I love the car to bits, and it's ultra comfortable.

It goes really well, and contrary to popular belief, it is possible to make an automatic drink far less petrol than the manual states. Simply use 1 and 2 on the shift when pulling away - the CX does shift up far too early when in "auto", labouring the engine. I regularly get over 30 mpg.

My CX is an estate, and you can fit several families in the boot area!

I bought the car for a very low price, so its complexity and hefty repair charges don't worry me. I'll simply hand the car over to a Citroen expert when things do go wrong (note the word "when").

There's nothing better than seeing these cars on the road - I got a chorus of "Ghost Busters" in the street the other week!

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Review Date: 17th July, 2003

13th Dec 2006, 10:08

Don't know how you manage that economy even by using your manual gear changing technique - the 2.5 auto I had was the most thirsty CX I ever owned, including a petrol turbo. I never got better than 25 mpg, even on the open road!

1990 Citroen CX TGD Break 2.5 turbo diesel from Germany


A very comfortable tourer and family car, but with a high financial risk


The car now has its 3rd engine with about 80000 km. The engine is very sensitive to overheating due to minimal loss of cooling liquid. Rubber and plastic parts of the cooling system as well as the radiator need permanent attention and were finally replaced at 380000km.

The gear box had its first problems with a broken main bearing at 60000 which was replaced without cost by CITROEN. At about 420000km the gearbox simmering had to be changed.

Rust had penetrated mayor parts of the roof and the back door, so that a complete restauration had to be carried out in 2000 at about 430000 km.

The turbocharger is still the first, but now at 500000 km it's slowly loosing pressure.

The first injection pump had to be changed at 250000 km, now it is about to be changed for the second time.

The car is under full service, brought to the garage each 5000 km.

There were frequent minor problems from the beginning e.g. broken hinges on the back door etc.

General Comments:

A car to travel with over long distances. The interior is very comfortable. However the engine performance is not sufficient any more.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2001