1979 Citroen Dyane 6 602cc from UK and Ireland


Dyane's for ever!


The car was very reliable for the period I had it on the road (1989 - 1996) I had to change the clutch once (undo 8 bolts and 2 people pull the engine out - no other lifting gear needed).

Since 1996 it has been in a garage, as I had bought another car (Currently a Citroen Xara) for a big commute that I do each day. I am currently working to get it back on the road again. It has some holes ion the body work, but the chasse is in fine form. The engine runs, but there is a nasty noise from the drive shaft that will require attention.

General Comments:

Have I really had this car 15 years? good grief! It was my first car, bought before I learnt to drive, and I won't be parted from it! Fortunately my wife fell in love with it as well as me.

My 2.0 HDi diesel Xara has 3 times the power of the Dyane, but not 3 times the fun or satisfaction! I must get on with the battle against tin worm and get it back on the road soon.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2004

28th Jun 2005, 12:51

I couldn`t agree more with you (Dyane forever). My father has owned several Dyanes` for the past 25 years, and in my opinion Dyane is one of the best cars ever made. So simple, yet so special.

15th Jun 2006, 15:05

My mom owns a 1980 Portuguese made Dyane 6. In it I learnt to drive, did my first driving vacations at the age of 18, drove it to University during my studies, at 24 I drove it from Portugal to Poland and back, crossing Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, at 25 I drove it to work, gave it a nice break at 26 and at 30 again I drove it to work in Algarve, 700 kms from my home. It just goes and goes. It's comfortable, reliable, economic, and FUN!!!

1974 Citroen Dyane AYA2 435cc from Finland


Not for serious use, only inside city limits


Rust is biggest problem.

Brakes get stuck if the car is not driven in one year.

Not actually a car because lack of power.

General Comments:

Check the suspension container-"springs". if rusted must be replaced.

The partly open roof really good thing.

Good for daily city driving in speeds less than 60 km/h.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2003

7th Dec 2003, 15:35

Not actually a car because it lacks power...? Not surprisingly if your previous car was a Dodge Ramcharger!

Also, every car that has been dormant for a year will need to have its brakes checked, if not overhauled.

22nd Jan 2004, 21:28

I agree that it is an air-cooled motorcycle-sized engine, but with global warming this makes it "actually a car for the 21st Century."

I have had 170 mile per hour machinery since. The only thing arguably more fun (also air-cooled, was my single engined machine with a propeller, called a Cessna 182. The Dyane actually had better fuel economy and made a similar noise in cruise.

I did almost as many miles in it... bring them back, Citroen! I believe the tooling is still in Spain. It could go to say, India, for a new start on manufacture.

27th Jun 2005, 05:32

Comments on comments about my preview:

>Not a car, lacks power? Not surprisingly if your previous >car was a Dodge Ramcharger!

Well my other cars does not affect this, fact is that 2cv-based vehicles are the slowest commuter vehicles also at their time. No problem with that, but its good to understand if one is thinking about getting one.

>Also, every car that has been dormant for a year will need >to have its brakes checked, if not overhauled.

I have three other vehicles, and they stand each year atleast half of the year, since some are driven only by winter, others at summer. Dyane┬┤s rear brakes are prone to get stuck. its good to be aware of that FACT. So do pump the brakes occasionally when car is not driven!