5th May 2001, 17:38

I have just bought a 1.6sx, have done 580 miles and feel very pleased with it. When I went to collect it from the dealer I spotted a twin glass sunroof version at £500 extra, so much better than the roll back version which was the only option when I placed my order. I feel disappointed that the salesman failed to inform me that it was about to be available, probably concerned that I would delay my order!

7th May 2001, 10:35

I can't understand why Citroen fit the 110bhp 1.6 engine in the Berlingo, but not the Picasso? There would be no need for the 1.8 petrol if the new 1.6 engine was offered, although a 2 litre with 140 bhp would be nice too.

Also although our 2.0HDi is adequate, the 110 bhp version with 184 lbs of torque is just as economical and is rated at £110 for UK road fund licence same as the 90 bhp diesel engine.

Come on Citroen, the UK market wants more power. Why discriminate against us when these other engines are available in French LHD models?

7th May 2001, 16:48

I bought a pre-registered 2.0 HDI Picasso from Jamjar at £11,500 (they sold out fast!). In the first few days it has proved to be very economical and we have already used its van type capacity - goodbye Volvo.

I think the 90 BHP HDI diesel is excellent, the high driving position in the Picasso means you are traveling much faster than it feels. The kids love the car - that's a good start.

Not being able to see the bonnet takes a bit of getting use to when parking, and the extended dash causes a slight reflection in the wind-screen that is a little irritating. However the pluses on the car are too many to mention.

PS. We put the CDs in the glove box.

11th May 2001, 15:26

I bought a Scenic - wish I'd bought a Picasso!

27th May 2001, 10:02

After much deliberation I have finally gone for the Picasso.

The final choice was because I liked the three full size seats that the Picasso has and it is without doubt the most attractive of them all. It is also slightly wider in the boot department than the Scenic.

My only concern is whether the digital display will be bright enough when driving in strong sunlight. I don't know whether the brightness is adjustable. I'm hoping!!! Any comments would be appreciated.

Dr Paul.

3rd Jun 2001, 10:06

I have just ordered a 2.0HDI SX from my local Citroen dealer with the glass sun roof, and auto air con.

I ordered on the 31st of May only to find Citroen have now extended the cash back offer to the end of June so I could now look for a good pre-registered one and still benefit from the cashback offer if I can't find one.

The demonstrators glass roof juddered dreadfully whilst opening, is this a one off?

Is the auto air con a factory only option? As I have been tempted to buy a nearly new or pre-registered one, but they all appear to be basic SX spec only.

Yes I would probably like to buy one new from a net dealer, but the HDI models seem in short supply, I might save a few hundred quid by waiting 4 months etc for delivery, but I would lose the same when it comes to selling my PX.

Anyone bought one new via a web only trader?

4th Jun 2001, 08:44

Very good fuel economy from the 2.0HDI, averaging 53mpg on my 10 mile commute, with some waiting in traffic.

In bright sunlight with dark sunglasses, the contrast between the top of the dashboard and the display was too much, (the display became very faint). This was cured using Polaroid sunglasses. This eliminated the glare altogether. I have done 1500 miles so far with no problems.

4th Jun 2001, 13:44

I've just ordered a 1.8 SX with digital (automatic) air. con. plus sat navigation plus the recently available glass sun roof.

My local dealer tried to find pre-registered one without success and I have now been informed that one has had to be ordered from Citroen direct.

I'm not sure whether you can order the auto air con as an add-on after purchase but I emailed Citroen UK last week about the sat nav and received a reply within 24 hours. They were extremely helpful.

I'm a bit concerned about the juddering sun roof, but if mine judders it will be straight back to the dealer!

By the way, does anyone know whether the middle rear seat belt connection to the roof may be removed when not in use? I think it looks particularly ugly and have read in many reports that it obscures rear visibility.


4th Jun 2001, 17:13

Fuel economy 2.0HDi.

Tank brimmed every fill-up, mileage recorded and worked out by calculator.

With 3,800 miles on clock, best consumption so far 45.8 worst 38.2. Even with gentle driving on a run, not cracked 50 mpg.

5th Jun 2001, 05:19

Re Fuel Economy

1) Citroen say the best economy is after 3000 miles - then it's fully run in.

2) Our HDi has done around 1500 miles, best just under 50 mpg (fairly fast motorway), worst 43mpg - very urban with lot's of town & hills! I sure at 55-60mph I could get near 60mpg.

3) My old car was a Volvo V40TD, the average on that was 35-38mpg.

4) I think so much depends on the way you drive and the type of journeys you do - It's always worth getting the car checked over by Citroen.

Can anyone beat my 50mpg!!

5th Jun 2001, 17:27

Keith. Ah... Err sorry to upset you, but...

To save £10,000 you would need to save 2660 gallons (at approx. £3.75/gallon).

For 2660 gallons, a saving of 20mpg equates to 20X2660 miles = 53,200 miles.

At 10,000 miles/year, you would save £10,000 after 53200/10,000 years. This equals 5.32 years or approximately 5 years and 4 months!!!

Assuming inflation of (say) 30% over 5 years (could be more, could be less!), the time to make such a saving could be estimated to reduce in reality to about 3 Years and 9 months - although if you invested your £10,000 over the same period, you would receive interest which would offset the revised time saving in real terms.

Realistically therefore, I would estimate that it would take about 4 years at least to recover your 'saving!!!'


6th Jun 2001, 06:51

I'm with Keith - to replace a thirsty car with something as economical as the Picasso has got to be a good idea. Don't forget he is getting a new car as well! In my experience that gives you a lot of savings especially with a 3 year warranty. I think you will find that the total cost of the Picasso is around 23.5p/mile - that makes it a very economical car to run.

There is so much space with the seats out I will save on a couple of van hires a year.

The big Volvo V70 has 1580 cubic litres with the seats down, the Picasso has 2128 with a 900mm high access through the tailgate - it's massive!

7th Jun 2001, 18:01

What do you do with the (rather ugly) middle rear seat belt when its not being used. Is it possible to disconnect it from the roof connection?

I'm only going by the photos that I've seen. Still not got my Picasso yet - waiting for delivery!