12th Mar 2003, 10:28

I seriously doubt it... a 1.1 is closer to a 1.4 than a 1.4 is to a 1.6? You've wasted your money and you know it. I can keep up with a VTR to 40 which for the type of driving I do is more than enough, 1.1's don't stand a chance up to 40 against a furio, maybe to 20...

The stats there are for 0-62 and as you know, the national speed limit is 60 so if you're a boy racer maybe the VTR is more suited to you, but if you're a sensible driver theres nearly no difference.

18th Mar 2003, 06:31

Considering I paid £7995 for my VTR are you sure it wasn't you who was ripped off? As for facts and figures the 1.1 hits 60 in 12.8 seconds and if I remember rightly the Furio is in the mid 11's and the VTR in the low 9's. Doesn't that make the 1.4 closer to the 1.1 than the 1.6?

Anyway, what does it matter really - they'll all great cars! Enjoy!

20th Mar 2003, 13:03

Here we go again! go through all the boy racer cars on this site and what comes up? 0-60!!! well mines 1.8 seconds quicker than that... i can just see you in the dealers now, discarding all the cars which are superior in all areas apart from they accelerate 0.02 seconds slower to 60 than the dream machine...ahem, the VTR/S. I'm just in the process of slapping on a high pressure turbo to my wheelbarrow, that should hit 60 pretty quick! I bet its still better made than your saxo though!

15th Jun 2003, 19:37

How often do you actually go from 0-60? Put it this way, I know about cars (I don't have/have never owned a Citroen!) and drive them faster than you, Furio owner, and even I only do a 0-60 run perhaps once a month. 30-70, 70-100 and 100-0 are the factors you pick in a performance car. I Can't believe I mentioned the words 'performance car' on a saxo review?!