5th Jan 2001, 20:53

A strange clonking noise is coming from the suspension, the dealer tells me that it's just the tiebar bolts coming loose,and that I must be driving it too hard!!

So to prove a point after the second time they were tightened, I drove the car very calmly and guess what, the clonking is back!

11th Feb 2001, 15:44

I have a W reg Saxo VTR purchased in Jan 2000. When I picked up the car the drivers windscreen wiper was smearing, the mud guards were too low and would catch the road, I had an alarm fitted by the main dealer and they damaged the dashboard and trapped a wire in the passenger's windscreen pillar.

Citroen promised they would ring me to sort out the above problems and have failed to do so to this very day.

The temperature gauge reads 3/4 and above and under long motorway journeys the engine starts to misfire.

A local Citroen dealer checked the engine and informed me that all checks were OK under normal operating conditions. However, these checks did not include motorway travelling and they were not prepared to carry out these checks.

The Citroen Saxo is a great hot hatch, however it lacks the build quality and the after sales customer support from all Citroen Dealers in my area.

It is my second Saxo, I will not be buying another Citroen!!!!

8th Mar 2001, 13:09

If I'd have been you I would have gone for its older brother, the AX GT.. It's a hell of a lot cheaper to buy and to fix, and I have blown away 3 VTR's in mine..

19th Apr 2001, 09:43

AX GT's are extremely flat, my VTR, before it was modified with a supercharger, could blow one off with ease. Now it can keep up with a Cossie.

I would stongly recommend any lucky person with a VTR or VTS to get it supercharged (it's cheaper than you might think).

24th Jul 2001, 06:46

What did the problems with your engine turn out to be.

I have a 106 Rallye that nobody seems capable of fixing. Started with head gasket and hasn't been right since.

Any suggestions?

1st Sep 2001, 11:48

Well I have to add a comment onto the one about the clunking noise from the Tie Bars, my car has been in & out of the garage with so many problems this being one of them, they just don't care about aftercare service, if you read my input about my VTR, you will read how many problems I have had!