17th Dec 2000, 16:49

I didn't realise that having your car chipped would lower the top speed. I have a standard VTS(apart from an exhaust) and I have had 136mph out of it (measured at a race track). I understand that a decent stereo system weighs a bit but surely not that much!

Also all the mods you have made to it void the warranty and insurance so don't thrash it too much as the parts for VTS's are not cheap!

29th Dec 2000, 06:25

Hi, I had mine at the track also, managed to get it off the clock a few times (bit scary on the brakes going that fast!) clocked at 142mph. Not bad seeing as though the manufacturer reckons it does 120!

3rd Jan 2001, 18:15

Your car sounds pukka, but I have had 139mph in mine in standard trim. I had my foot right down, coming down a very slight downhill on the M4.

Keep up the cruising.

18th Jan 2001, 15:24

Got 120mph out of my standard VTR - quite impressed!!

24th Jan 2001, 15:13

Agree with the above - my VTR is very modified, and have just booked a number of track days to have some fun.

Try www.easytrack.co.uk. Some on airfields and others on tracks - can't beat it, and it will refine your reactions and driving skills (from an ex-rally driver who still has 'the bug')!!

28th Jan 2001, 18:15

I'm currently driving an AX GT and loved that boy racer image. However, I'm now replacing it with a Saxo 1.1i because after spending the best part of 2 months sitting next to my best mate in intensive care because of an idiot like you (or me). I've come to realise that the most enjoyment from driving can be derived from behaving in a courteous, safe matter.

30th Jan 2001, 17:56

I think that you should slow down a bit mate as you don't have enough experience in driving at such speeds. I don't agree with speeding in built up areas, but I think that if you are by yourself on a quiet bit of motorway in good conditions, and you have plenty of driving experience behind you, and you are not going to hurt anybody but yourself, I think it is OK to see what your car can do on the odd occasion. However if you get caught by the police, hard luck...

1st Feb 2001, 08:37

142mph from a 1.6 engine??? You should get yourself a job as a tuner in a Formula 1 team!

5th Feb 2001, 11:04

I'm 19 & brought a Saxo Westcoast about 18 months ago. First car, didn't plan to mod it, but now has uprated brakes (very important!) plus a little addition of some forced induction.

180 BHP, 800kgs, you work it out... but it's only for show. I'm a biker & don't see why you drive so fast? To look good? The Saxo is a gorgeous looking car, drive slower & more people will see you... drive fast & you won't see them, until it's too late...

7th Feb 2001, 04:37

142 from a 1.6???? I get 158 from my 600cc mate! Still, I don't want you on a bike. Just keep your foot down in daddy's Saxo and practice being a stationary obstacle for my Ninja! Booyakasha!

20th Feb 2001, 07:44

I had a 106 GTi brand new, it's got the same engine as a VTS and believe me, it is quicker. I have driven the two and it drives much better, the VTS is a fast car but for somebody your age it's too fast, insurance companies love young lads like you, and so do coppers so it's in your best interests to concentrate on the 1.1i Saxo, they are still nippy.

Respect your elders! Wisdom comes with age and experience.

21st Feb 2001, 14:47


Hi everyone,

Thanks for the comments so far, but this discussion has come to the point where there is nothing more constructive to be added. I'm working on some code to lock out further comments, but until then any further comments on this review will be deleted.

Best Wishes,


6th Apr 2006, 13:22

Yeah I agree with you lot, the boy should slow down. i got caught doing 64mph in a 30 zone it was an industrial estate road, i thought the chances were of getting caught were slim so decided to see my pug 106 1.6xs shift, before I knew it I was in court begging to keep my licence! I got 4 points and a £600 fine. that was in my probationary 2 years!so listen from other peoples experience n go to the tracks!!. its not worth losing your licence racing some daft boy racer in a 1.1 that you know youd smoke anyway!!

5th Sep 2006, 15:19

I test drove a saxo VTR today. 2003 plate and 21k miles. I decided to put a deposit down on it. I dunno what peoples gripes are with this car. It think it's a decent and good looking car. Although I have to agree that its not as fast as people tend to make out, although it is quick for its engine size and it put a smile on my face.

6th Sep 2006, 10:59

Yes they are fast for what they are, but then so is the corsa gsi, which I personally think is a rarer car and better looking.