8th Apr 2001, 18:22

My wife had a Ford Escort. It was horrible to drive, the headlights, speedometer cable, clutch, dampers, foglamp switch, radio and fuel cap lock all failed. It gave 26 mpg (from a 1.4 engine) and you had to open the windows and sunroof with silly little handles! I ran an older, higher mileage Citroen BX as the family's main car at the same time with less faults and it gave better economy, performance and comfort.

It's much easier (and cheaper) to replace a pair of front Citroen spheres than a pair of front Ford dampers.

Give me a Citroen with hydraulic suspension any day. I'll even pay for it (and do).

13th Oct 2009, 05:23

I'm on my second Xantia, my first one a "19 turbo diesel SX" cost £350.00 with 98000 on the clock, it lasted three years with only the rear trailing arm bushes being replaced plus minor things like tyres brake pads, tailpipe, needing replacing. The only reason I got rid of it was because it was hit in a car park, leaving the rear wing damaged.

My present Xantia, a "98 1800i 16v" I got it for £495.00 after a lot of bartering (garage wanted £700.00). I've owned it for the last three years, it has just developed a hydraulic oil leak at the rear, this is a minor problem that will be repaired when I've got time, not bad for a 129,000 mile car. The engine still sounds like new, failed last MOT for a side light bulb and two tyres, uses no oil, has electric everything, aircon, "oh" and a new battery. I might chop this in for a newer one, a 2ltr diesel perhaps, I don't think any other make of car will give you this reliability.

12th Dec 2009, 14:39

I am very impressed with the Citroen Xantia. I bought my Xantia 1994 M reg TD 5 years ago for £180, due to poor or lack of starting after the last owner spent huge amounts for a new fuel pump and still no better. This was at 148,000 miles. Within a few days and a new fuel pipe, it was fine.

I have serviced it myself, replaced anything that has been required, most of which are just normal service items, which I must admit are getting on for the 3rd full set of discs, 5th set of front tyres, 2nd set of suspension bushes, 3rd cam belt.

Only large jobs were lots of oil leaking from the head gasket at the cambelt end of the engine, and a clutch.

The car has now done 257,000, and at present is doing nearly 1000 miles a week, with regular servicing and correct maintenance, which just proves the point of how well they are built.

The engine does not use any oil or water between the 6000 mile services, gear box still good, ride is still fantastic, and handling good for a 5 door hatch.

19th Apr 2012, 07:29

Hi, I own a Citroen Xantia SX, and I agree with most comments posted here; very informative.

My problem is a faulty gearbox. I have difficulty changing from 2nd to 3rd, and wonder what it could be, can someone please enlighten me?

Also, I have power steering problem; I have a leak on the pump itself. It looks like a seal has gone, but not sure. Can anyone out there help me?