1997 Citroen XM Exclusive 2.5 turbo diesel from Bosnia and Herzegovina


As someone said, it's a spaceship on the road!!!


Only thing that was wrong with the car when I bought it was that on highway car wouldn't go over 150km/h. That was resolved later.

Except usual maintenance (changed all spheres, brakes, fluids) I really didn't have many problems.

Some "ghostly" problems like, speedometer stops working one day and next day is fully functional (happened once so far) ;

Also, some weird knocking sound coming from front side, but dealer couldn't find any faults (of course they couldn't). It stopped later itself.

Since then I had no problems whatsoever.

General Comments:

Most problems came from dealer (s) - I had to change 3 different dealers to find out why my car will not go over 150 km/h on highway; - One of the sensors was disconnected from small pipe which is providing pressure for it.

Also, two out of 3 dealer shops was not sure how many spheres car has???

Scary, isn't it :)

The car is pretty roomy, lots of space inside and in the boot;

Handling is superb especially in the “sport” mode.

The 2.5 turbo engine with inter-cooler has enough power to give you pleasure driving it;

I kinda like it sounds on the long runs. It gives you confidence.

Fuel consumption is also great; I can do 6L/100km to 7/100 with air-condition running.

Leather interior is still in great shape although car has more than 150.000km on the clock.

Overall, I'm much satisfied with it…for now :)

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Review Date: 19th September, 2004

3rd Dec 2004, 14:08

I agree. I have narrowly avoided selling my 2.5 Td Exclusive at some apallingly low sum due to the fact that I took a day off work and attended to its tribulations; mainly, electrical anomalies which are in fact surprisingly easy to locate and, a set of spheres and some LHM flushing fluid. The car is now as though new and I am thoroughly glad I decided to keep with it. The cost? £200. It feels like no other car in its class (or beyond, frankly.. and yes, I worked as a chauffeur with the overtly solid Mercs and rather better though inherently tarty Beemers).. so I am rather glad to keep it. What a fascinatin and unusual car. It really is one to keep.. and enjoy, whatever it throws at you. And it goes like stink.