21st May 2007, 01:12

New update. There seem to be a problem with the blower again. The blower engine is going at full all the time so long the ignition is on. As far as I can figure out this is a common problem on these cars and is probably related to the blower speed selector. It's continuous(unlike most other selectors that typically has 4 steps) and it's probably short circuited.

It's less than a year since I wrote this review and this car has not even reached 70.000km and this will be the third trip to the repair shop in less than a year. I hope you don't go all "I told you so" on me now. I really thought this car was good especially since I earlier has had a prejudice against french cars. But this car is starting my prejudice against french cars again.

If this continues I'll be really disappointed. I expect any car to be rather fault free until 100.000km.

24th Jul 2007, 01:09

New update. It was the blower engine that was defective this time. It was fixed within an hour at a Citroen garage. Now I'm seeing that one of the front lights are starting to form fog on the inside, so I'll look into that problem. There seem to be no cracks, and the problem may be related that this car has had few longer trips the last half year. There are a couple of plastic covers that are half way loose and are rattling and I'll look into that too.

26th Jul 2007, 03:45

New update.

The local Citroen importer refuses to cover the blower repair, even if this defect quite clearly is under Norwegian consumer laws. This states that more expensive consumer goods are covered 5 years for defects. According to my local consumer office, this law typically covers all parts on a car for 5 years, unless wear parts like brakes, tires, exhaust and clutches, especially since this car has covered less than 70.000 km.

The Citroen importer has offered me no reason why the are not following Norwegian law, and I unfortunately have to make a complaint to the local consumer office regarding this case.

The funny part of this matter is that we have gone from being satisfied Citroen customers to being 'I-don't-want-to-touch-another-Citroen-with-a-10-foot-pole' customers within 18 months after having this car in for 4 repairs and experiencing how the Citroen importer/dealer is lacking in the customer care department.

The first 3 years this car was real good, but now at 4.5 years this car seem to be falling to pieces. The before mentioned repairs and rattles that are forming several places, both drivers door and rear hatch. It's also beginning to feel very 'loose' in the suspension and it's probably starting to be worn out at 68.000 km.

We are in the process of purchasing a new family car now, and the C5 Estate might have been a candidate, but it's not. We don't trust Citroen anymore. It's probably going to be the new Mondeo Estate.

A couple of months ago I read that Citroen are experiencing slow sales here in this market. I can very well understand that.