6th May 2008, 10:38

Hi all,

I have 1998 1.4l Xsara. There are 125k miles on the clock. This car is not bad at all when you consider the high mileage. This car was second-hand when I bought it. It had 114k miles and since then I replaced shocks, brake discs, pads.

The only thing that drives me crazy is the throttle body sensors that fail. Sometimes revs are too high, I had this problem for a long time until I found out that air temp sensor was faulty. It was grand for a couple of weeks and now.. my car stops dead at every junction...

By the way, the head gasket needs replacement as pressure from the cylinders leaks into the cooling water :) But I have thermostat removed so no problem with that except that I drink fuel as american 5litre muscle car :)

Oh, I almost forgot, door handles keeps breaking off. Replaced two of those already.

Well, you might think that this car is nightmare.. well, it is, but I love it very much. I want to mention that on the day I bought it I 'tested' its top speed... 100km/h.. but now, after spending 100euro on it... top speed is 180km/h.. but after all these horror stories I will stop 'testing it':)

Good luck to everyone and drive your XSARA's safe :)

23rd Jun 2008, 12:24

Hi just reading some of these stories really brings home the mistake I made with my 2002 Xsara 2.0 hdi.

I bought it when it was 2 yrs old and 20,000 mile on the clock. Within 3 months over-temp warning and stop light on dash showing no one seems to know why. Engine cuts out when its cold for no reason usually when turning a corner scary!! By 45,000 mile new front discs. At 60,000 mile new cam-belt and alternator set me back £600 and that was an independent dealer god knows what a main dealer costs would have been. Now at 68,000 mile headlights turn themselves on and off, at will faulty switch I'm told "common on this year of car" can't wait until someone pulls out on me thinking I have given way by flashing lights. Oh nearly £200 without fitting to buy. I have owned Citroen's in the past but Sorry this will be the last!!!

29th Jun 2008, 07:48

What's with all the problems? I've had a Xsara VTR coupe from 3.5 years old to 7 years old and apart from the ultra soft replacement brake discs that last less than a year I've had no problems at all.

It's a cheap but mechanically sound car and I'd recommend them to anyone after a cheap car.

The CD player struggles with CD-Rs but all French cars have that problem - even the new ones!

1st Jul 2008, 07:42

I bought my Citroen Xsara from my dad; It's an 03 2.0 HDI model.

I've had trouble with the fuel gauge too. When I get to chalk a tank, it's jumped up to full again.

Everything on this car is hard to fix (if you want to do it yourself).

Right now, I'm trying to replace the cat. Exhaust manifold is at the back of the engine under the fuel injection system. I need to be a magician to get my arm in there, let alone crack my nut!!!

I will never buy Citroen again.

Paul Essex.

1st Jul 2008, 09:37

We bought our Xsara LX 1.4 2 months ago from a reputable dealer and have had to take it in today, as the middle section of the exhaust has fallen off, due to the exhaust box being rusty. We are not happy, and we are just waiting for the bill, as it is classed as 'wear and tear' even though we have only owned it 2 months arrgghhh!!!

3rd Jul 2008, 15:45

My Xsara has just developed a fault where the central locking locks and then unlocks straight away as if a door were open. Does not matter if I do it with the fob or the key. Im off to the garage tomorrow.

Another problem has developed today where the drivers electric window will not open.

I have had numerous other faults including all hazard lights flashing and interior light coming on whilst driving.

For those of you having trouble swapping out the cd player and it not remembering stations, this is because of the citroen wiring loom. All you need to do is run the permanent live to the permanent live of the headunit, this stores the memory then add a switch from the same permanent live to the switched live on the head unit. This way you can turn it on and off even with out the key in the ignition. You cannot just switch the permanent and switched live as it has something to do with the on board computer and multiplex wiring.

Anyway, I hope to get rid of mine as soon as possible.

13th Aug 2008, 00:40

I own a Citroen Xsara LX 1.4 2002 model. Every time I plan to go away, this car will play up on me. I must be jinxed.

I have only had the car for 2 years in October.

After having it for 1 year, my exhaust fell off.

My fuel gauge; you put petrol in it and it doesn't register.

My lights keep flashing when my lights are not even turned on. And now this morning my fuel injection is faulty or something from looking at the manual. I would hate to know what that is going to cost me to fix.

I really hate this car now. I will never buy a Citroen again!!

14th Aug 2008, 14:19

I have got a 1999 Citroen Xsara 2.0 hdi, Please think about your next sale you will happier life if you buy a German car like (BMW-MERCEDES-AUDI) rather than french (Citroen). Now my problem with the car is that I had difficulties starting it in the morning; everything was fine yesterday. I have Pressed and hold the mileage counter button, What happened? Gages started to dance, everything was wrong oil lights hazard lights come on, besides the speed and rev gauges fall behind 120Mph, But can anyone tell me why? All I did is I wanted to reset the mileage counter. Seems to me that it won't start.

P.S. I will never buy Citroen in my live and will avoid 20miles ahead.

18th Aug 2008, 05:33

I have a Citroen Xsara 1600 year 2000. It now has reached nearly 100,000. It is my pride and joy. It still drives like new, there are no noises on engine or anywhere, I service it myself, just replacing brake pads shoes etc.

I have had VW and BMW, but this has been the most reliable. If it was still in production, I would buy a new one.

19th Oct 2008, 03:21

We've had our Xsara since 2003 - bought new and really (with the exception of a self imposed problem on the RH (passenger for us here in Spain) door, which despite being done by an official garage has NEVER been correct since. But can't blame Citroen for that.

BUT what a screw up by the idiot who designed the lights. Access to the headlights on the LH side is NEAR impossible due to what seems to be the ABS servo. I guess JUST ABOUT possible with small hands - but not at night in the rain. And when do they blow - Yup - you've guessed.

Also here fog lights are fitted to just about all Xsaras. They are fragile and shatter fairly easily. Replacement is a PITA. Although I've done so many I can now do it near enough by feel.

I'm lucky that my neighbour is a professional mechanic and gets me the bits cheap.