1997 Citroen ZX Leader 1.9 diesel from UK and Ireland




Nothing other than expected wear/tear mileage.

General Comments:

Great car, running like sewing machine - has 10 months MOT still, but reluctantly is being replaced through goverment scrappage scheme - it's part of the family.

Has been maintained by one-man operation since end of warranty - almost every journey 10 miles +- in constant daily use. My 5th XUD diesel.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2009

1997 Citroen ZX Volcane 2.0i from Malaysia


ZX - A classic in the making


Normal wear and tear.

Stepper motor was first to go out, after 2 years of usage (too early). Changed it and now 10 years later, it gives no problem whatsoever.

Repaired rear axle at 260,000km or 12 years of usage.

Changed clutch kit 2 days ago at 270,000km.

Changed timing belt every 60,000km.

Gear lever rod gave way after 5 years.

Absorbers changed every 3 years.

After 12 years, the car now needs a fresh coat of paint.

General Comments:

I've owned the car since new.

It is definitely value for money. Comfortable, fast, excellent handling and still looks good after all these years.

Spare parts were a bit pricey in the beginning but now with more independent workshops able to handle Citroens in Malaysia, maintenance is reasonable and fairly convenient.

Very poor 2nd hand value. Anyway I am not planning to sell it.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2009

1997 Citroen ZX Temptation 1.4i from UK and Ireland


Good all round car, fun and easy to drive


The cam belt was replaced at 61000 miles as a precautionary measure as it was starting to look a little worn.

There is some rust on the mounting for the forward fog lights.

The only other problems are superficial dents and scratches.

General Comments:

Very speedy compared to other 1.4 models, including more modern cars.

Very light inside, fun to drive, roomy, handles very well, responsive, great for learners or new drivers.

Has difficulty getting up steep hills in the rain, which is unfortunate as I live on a very steep hill and have to park at the bottom on the main road when it rains.

Otherwise it is a very good car.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2009

1997 Citroen ZX Tension 1.4 from Israel


Good car for the money


Fuel pump replaced after 190000 km.

Starter replaced after 2 years.

The brakes replaced after 2 years.

Alarm replaced after 1 year.

General Comments:

Very inexpensive car to buy and maintain.

The parts are cheap and the service easy.

This car is better than a 306 or Renault.

Good ride in the city, and on the open road.

Max speed is about 100-115 kmh.

Good buy for the money - my next car will be the Xsara.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2009

1997 Citroen ZX Elation II 1.9 TD from UK and Ireland


Ces't Super!


Glow plugs replaced

New radiator

Immobiliser electro-magnet part replaced due to start stop problems.

General Comments:

Understated and underestimated, this car is seriously fun to drive, exceptionally comfortable and low cost to run.

I've just completed a 3000 mile trip around Eastern Europe in mine this Christmas and it coped with everything - german autobahns (!), polish potholes, blizzards in Slovakia, extreme temperatures, the lot! The only problem I had was the door jamming shut with the cold which was remedied by putting a hairdryer over the lock!

The 1.9 Turbo Diesel engine runs like a dream considering it's age, providing just under 500 miles per tank and happily overtakes in 4th gear.

Having studied in remote wales for the past year the ZX handles very well on bends - providing much positive feedback to the driver (a rare thing in modern 'bubble' cars). I blame the french suspension...

Another perk, is the space in the rear. I often put the back seats down to accommodate my mountain bike.

Don't be fooled by the cars image! This car rinses any equivalent Ford or Vauxhall!

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Review Date: 16th February, 2006

1997 Citroen ZX elation 1.4i petrol from UK and Ireland


Super reliable, economical little car


Brakes neede relining just after purchase, which showed up a fault on the master cylinder.

Drivers door lock was not working when purchased so I got some money knocked off. It took me an hour to swap the passenger side lock to the driver side.

Only had to purchase two tyres.

General Comments:

I absolutley love this car, I have done 11,000 miles in six months and it hasn't missed a beat.

I bought it as a work car instead of putting too many miles on our Golf VR6.Most times I jump in the Citroen rather than the golf.

I wanted a diesel, but could not afford a decent one, this little citroen does 38-39 mpg.

Only trouble I have had is when I had the brakes done. I set off home, a journey of about 40 miles, and something didn't feel right, so I pulled off the motorway onto the hard shoulder. As I stopped the brakes were smoking badly. I rang the garage that had done the brake work and they gave me a courtesy car for the weekend. An old Audi 80.The master cylinder was faulty on the ZX, acting as a non return valve, holding the brakes on. They repaired it at minimal cost to me and it has been fine ever since.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2005